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Hi! I'm just your average internet weirdo with a plethora of disturbing fetishes just as anyone else.

I'm not easily offended, I will mostly be uploading stuff I've commissioned here. I do not draw; I reiterate, I don't draw. None of the work submitted will ever be art done by me. Usually art done by fellow artists here on the portal or elsewhere.

I might upload RP logs, I might upload stories if i ever get the confidence to write. Who knows!

Thanks for checking me out though, I hope you have a pleasant day!

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I've posted Ren's profile before but I can also get that people don't want to read that or miss it.

For those that care, here's some flavor text tl;dr about Ren.

My angels are all born with a sin ingrained into their very being derived from the 7 deadly sins, that if they cave to-they will fall. Ren's is lust, and besides angels being forbidden from knowing about sex and the like, she reacts volatilely to it because she's inexplicably pulled towards things of a sexual nature even if she has no sexual education or knowledge whatsoever. (yes, she does not know what a penis is, or that her vagina is called a vagina, she just thinks it's a hole that exists for peeing.)

On the subject of eating people: In my universe and subsequently any other universe, a 'sin' a person commits paints...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by vyrsm 6 days ago Report

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thanks so much, i’m glad you like it!!

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Posted by BlazeMasterson 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by NotTadpole 3 weeks ago Report

I really like (the character) Renael's aesthetics, especially her outfit. Angel preds are great. ^^;

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Posted by Sergit 1 month ago Report

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no U


Posted by joe354 1 month ago Report

woah! thanks for the watch!


Posted by Khalcifieron 2 months ago Report

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Thank you!

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Posted by sachinon 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Renael

Not anymore, just Eka's.


Posted by dyltron9000 2 months ago Report

Oh my goodness, I don't think I ever realized that you were following me. I'm so honored! <3


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Renael

*My idea's of a request* not my work SeekGr drew it I mean. But yea Trap preds are ermf! <3


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Always nice to see you enjoy my work Ren~ heres to many more years of enjoyment. ^^


Posted by hibbyjibby 2 months ago Report

Hey hey another fave from the sorta-kinda-famous Renael. Must be doing something right.


Posted by starcuttingtime 2 months ago Report

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aaa thank you lots and lots ; v; !

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