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since breaking away from the Lockwood estate, she had swam the river,
keeping out of sight and only resurfacing for air and her location
which became less wooded sometimes, more inhabited by humans other
times, and at times in between.
was trying to get as much miles from the estate as she could. And
found fish to be just enough to get her by.
though she found herself in a more shallow part of the river and her
body threatened to reveal itself to potential danger.
was a ne

was a night that the curfew was in full alert.
had gone missing like they do every so often, never turning up. Yet
the summer heat and vacation continued to bring out their need to
was not really his idea though, to sneak out and play in the dark
without any nosy parents to drag them home.
was suffocating to say the least and when he was invited for a late
night play date with his friends, he couldn't resist for long.
out was sadly easier than one could susp

constant ticking forever in his belly had become a well known fear to
all those that inhabited Neverland, both on land and sea. Outside
however, he got curious animals, predator and prey alike watching him
swim by with confusion.
didn't make him good at ambushing unlike his brethren that were
quiet. He changed his tactics often when hunting. Mostly staying
still and pretending to be asleep. But only on Neverland.
it seems, while he was still feared, the animals gave pause to him to

the crocodile was once again on the hunt for the usual easiest prey
he had the pleasure of eating, if he was stealthy enough of course,
just because they were pathetically easy and simple meals didn't mean
he was about to risk getting himself killed because he got overly
empty belly dragged carefully out of his river that he had so gotten
used to swimming. He had been careful, choosing certain places to
eat, and so far was not suspected. In a way, this was his part of the

whined as he walked onward, his paws, not entirely use to the hard
ground of the Pride Lands. His paws also disliking the heat from the
ground as he padded on.
was his name, a strange cub to any animal that saw him. His fur was
grey, and at first one would assume he was a leopard cub with just a
strange color, but his spots were different, and his tail was a bit
more fluffier, also he carried a scent of humans.
was a hybrid, a cross between a snow leopard and a king cheetah, as

The Grisly was surveying a new, much rarer creature in the cage along
with the other trapped dragons.. not large but not the smallest
either. But still equally as dangerous.. a human, a human that saw
dragons as equals. Very backwards thinking of course.
had caught this girl in a trap set for a Night Fury he'd been
tracking down. Disappointed in his catch but unwilling to let her go,
he threw her in a cage for now on the ship, thinking what to do with
a traitorous person like her.

City, a city where Humans and Pokemon co-existed without having to do
battle or were kept in Pokeballs, no masters, just equal.
Pokemon lived in the city, some with partners, others free. A
paradise one could call it. Well, some Pokemon indeed saw it as such.
such a big city, it wasn't rare when a person or pokemon went
missing. It was reported and either the one missing was found or was
not. They at least try to find them. And while there were laws in
place, some laws were broken

change may look painful from an outsider's perspective, but to the
madman.. it was quite a warm feeling, like shedding one's skin and
becoming something so much more beautiful. The Joker, once a human..
if one could still call him so, slowly shifted into that of a large
cobra-like creature. He still had his arms and most of his white
skin.. scales, even his hood bore a smiling face.. but he was mostly
a Cobra, hissing with sharp fangs and a forked tongue.
he admired how he looked in the

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As it says, I am low on funds and need to pay for my cat's vet bill next month as well as kind of need food. So I am reopening commissions once again for those interested.

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