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had been bored for awhile. The dinner parties his work always threw
weren't something he'd come willingly to, still thanks to peer
pressure and the idea of possibly getting fired from his work made
him always attend.
the first few hours he wandered around the large room, eating from
the buffet the caterers graciously gave to them all. And finally he
began to wander out of the room and into the hallway, to find the
restroom as well as a place to be alone.
relieving himself and leavin

had been restored to Arendelle. But of course, there were always some
monsters that lurked in the shadows. Not as many as before and thanks
to the queen's ice magic, the kingdom was safe.
the gates, people would be a tad on alert for any monsters. Still
most was peaceful. That may be why the beast in the shadows kept
hidden, both due to it's white body and size. It waited until the
humans felt truly peaceful again. And without the Keyblade Wielder to
come and harm it, and it being

ducklings, hatched a mere few days ago happily swam with their mother
who was just as happily showing her newly hatched children the pond.
far away, danger lurked as it always did. He was always around, and
always ready for a snack that wandered to far. Of course, the great
blue heron came around much more during this time due to easy little
snacks or ducklings as they were called.. how he loved them all
dearly, especially when they were in his stomach.
his feathers, he watched,

park always gets a unique show every once a year, something to look
forward towards, especially the herbivores that seem to have learned
what was coming when their paddocks were set up more for new arrivals
for them.
list is always long and always came with very patient people and
furs, those that weren't usually back out and go to the carnivores.
Still here the lucky ones were, that included a certain dark-blue
furred cat who was happily awaiting his turn.
the day had come and he r

was near freezing. It was quickly a regret to not have found
somewhere to hibernate for winter, of course she can do it now, but
she's also very hungry and she needed to have a full stomach first.
pythons such as herself do not hibernate, but due to seeing her
brethren doing it to sleep through the winter and awaken when the
freeze was over, she found himself favoring it over freezing to death
as he is now. Slithering through the snow was torture.. she quickly
found leaving the jung

new park had been opened, but it was a sort of secret and private
park, not entirely open to the public. Photos circulated still though
of very interesting scenes of dinosaurs. Mostly showing them eating
this sparked some outrage, no one could really do anything to stop it
due to the fact those that were eaten were fully willing and signed
waivers. So those that wanted to view the dinosaurs without being
harmed or devoured could in the day.
was at night where one can see and e

two walked like they owned the city of Zootopia. In their feline
minds they did. Paws stepping almost silently as they made their way
to their tavern. Both looking like such an interesting duo since they
seemed so opposite of one another..
was a Amur Leopard with slick fur that seemed to shimmer whenever
they passed under a street light. Beautiful and proud to show it,
muscles under his dark clothing.
on the other hand.. he was that of a Ragdoll Cat that seemed to
delight in fo

had been staring off and on at the text he had received a couple of
hours ago. The longer he had thought of the text, the more he began
wanting to come. When he first heard his phone vibrate and checked
out the text. It was an invite too a party that he wasn't all to
interested him, but finally after a couple of pondering hours, the
coyote began to tap on the screen, sending the reply that he would
stretched on the sofa he had been hogging from his friend, rather
happy to be

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As it says, I am low on funds and need to pay for my cat's vet bill next month as well as kind of need food. So I am reopening commissions once again for those interested.

Please look at my Commission Status if interested and message me if you want something, thank you for reading

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