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Most of the stuff in my gallery will be commissions i acquired permission to post, i will always link to the original creator regardless.
Everything else is made by me, and will no doubt be a story as i am way better at writing than drawing, which means as much as you think.

Current Profile Pic made by  SunnyHero

DA: (IDK Why i named myself that but i cant change it unless i get core lmao)

Name: Not comfortable disclosing that yet.
Age: 20
Pronouns: They/Them

Im gonna put a list of my favorite things here because i want to. lol

Favorite Food: Anything Cherry flavored

Favorite Music Genre: Electro Swing

Favorite Band: Caravan Palace

Favorite Music Artist (Solo): DM Dokuro

Favorite Game(s): Terraria, Calamity Mod FOR Terraria, Team Fortress 2

Favorite Song: The Leviathan Trilogy by DM Dokuro

Favorite Anime: Bleach - The first actual anime i started watching, Dragon Ball doesnt count because everyone watches Dragon Ball at least once.

Favorite Anime Character: Soi-Fon (Bleach) - (See Below)

Bleach related Favorites


Favorite Character: Soifon - She's one of the coolest characters in any anime ive ever heard of, she also has one of my favorite aesthetics and sword releases.

Favorite Zanpakuto (Spirit): Nozarashi - Also widely known as Yachiru, the cutest pink haired character ive ever seen.

Favorite Shikai (First Release): Wabisuke - I have always enjoyed Kira as a character, and most of that is due to how interesting wabisuke's shikai is. the sword doubles the weight of everything it touches while in shikai, making it especially powerful in drawn out fights.

Favorite Bankai (Second Release): Jakuhō Raikōben - Soifon's bankai is the coolest thing while also being the worst type of bankai for what she operates as. Giving an assassin a missile is pretty cool ngl.

Favorite Resureccion (Arrancar Sword Release): Gamuza - Nel's release turns her into a centaur, and her sword turns into a jousting lance that she throws at people, enough said.

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Was totally unintentional, it kept telling me it couldnt upload the file so i didnt even know about it until just now, sorry if you got 3 pings, 2 of the dupes have been removed, and i left the one i originally meant to upload. :>

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