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I'm a writer (not an artist) that will make short stories that are largely non-vore. This account will be used to post more explicit stories that I can't on my primary Fanfiction account of the same name. My favorite series is Fate, so many works will be Fate/Grand Order. My stories will largely consist of burping/sex.

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I binged through Lostbelt 3 in FGO, and had saved up 315 quartz to summon both Qin Liangyu and Qin Shi Huang. I figured it'd be easy to summon Liangyu since she's a 4*, but no. Once again, I've lost all faith in the FGO Gacha. 200 Quartz and all I got was Xiang Yu, Herakles, a second copy of Parvati, and a bunch of repeat craft essences and 3* servants. So I have 100 quartz to attempt to get the emperor lol. But since I sadly didn't summon miss thicc, all I can do is write about her. It features her and Tomoe together, and I hope to have it done within 2 weeks, so keep an eye out!

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