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Sequel to “Sisterly Love”
Ryan Drakel
Underage, fatal, willing, underage sex, oppai loli, cock vore,
digestion, oral vore, casual vore, casual sex, underage vore, M/F,
F/F, pregnancy, impregnation and mother/son intimacy, incest
have passed since young Jinny's devourment, school is back in
session... and one thing needs to be done.
ate your sister, James, you need to deliver the report yourself.”
hums a young woman of long blue hair, green eyes... r

Ryan Drakel
Brother/Sister vore, Mother/Son sex, F/F, fatal, incest, underage,
oppai loli, willing, digestion, pleasurable digestion, masturbation,
casual sex, casual vore and pregnancy
morning big brother!!” chimes a female voice as a soft male voice
groans aloud, slowly opening his eyes... “Today's the day! School's
out for the summer! I'm so happy, we can do lots of good stuff
together!” squeaks an excited young voice as a young human of black
hair si

Ryan Drakel
contains: Father/daughter incest, underage, oppai loli, sex, M/F
vore, digestion, masturbation, willing, fatal vore, lactation
away the 2 divided by 7...” murmurs a male voice followed by a set
of clattering and clicking. On a computer monitor was a spreadsheet
with lots of numbers, equations and the like. The male figure soon
leans back with a sigh, rubbing his head as the outside was pitch
black, being the middle of the night as the moonlight wou

One Night Stand
Contains Incest, M/F Sex/Vore, underage, shota, digestion,
do I really have to go?" sighs a young blue-furred anthro fox
looking only 10 years old. He was wearing a simple T shirt and pants
combo. On his T-shirt was a band logo called Departed. He stands at
the door, holding a backpack in his hands overlooking a red-furred
Vixen of 18 years, having a hefty triple E cup busom that didnt sag
one bit, barely contained by

Cry For Squee
by Ryan Drakel
Within the dark reaches of space, there floats an abandoned research station. There was an outbreak once upon a time and someone jettisoned all the escape pods out of insanity, calling the virus "God's Judgement" for all their experiments...
However, something survived... a very unique creature... but we'll get to that later.

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Good news everyone. I've managed to procure me a 2nd job. ^.^ That's a load off my back. It'll still be some time before I can start writing once more. As it is I'm having trouble paying off car insurance and I NEED my car to actually drive to work. [700 dollars for insurance and late fees, eesh...]
I got a lot on my plate but I'm slowly munching on it bit by bit... Given time, I'll be back up to 100% strength and I'll be able to start writing again. I've been thinking of various things during my downtime so don't worry. ^.^

Thank you everyone for understanding and subscribing.
And to the newcomers who found their way to my works, welcome!

Expect more oppai loli fun soon and more adventures with James the Predator~

Orientation is tomorrow, ooh I'm nervous.... it's a dishwasher job. How...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sketchwork 3 months ago

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Appreciate the honestly, i think i have a couple of less graphic pieces, and there will probably be some more milder content sometime in the future most likely.


Posted by Silent_E 4 months ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by SkyLark 4 months ago

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Naaaawww ~


Posted by TDSFeuer 4 months ago

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Always welcome


Posted by Znonymous 5 months ago

Love the Oppia loli stuff. World could always use more of it.


Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by HowlaWolf 1 year ago

I don't know how chats work on phones


Posted by HowlaWolf 1 year ago

Do you RP?


Posted by Malezor 2 years ago

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I have been found! *runs away*


Posted by Malezor 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by SeekGr 2 years ago

THank you for the watch~!


Posted by ad12345 3 years ago

Thank you for the watch.

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