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Hi! I'm Sakao. I'm a bi woman who loves consensual vore and hypnosis. I have too many waifus/husbandos ^-^;
Enjoy your stay!

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So wanted to put this out there now that VRGI Time 2 is complete.
There won't be any new pics from me for a long while. Most of the artists I want to commission aren't open, and commissions like these are rather expensive and I don't really have the funds to go and start experimenting with the other artists I like who are open to this fetish. I do have a few images backlogged that will be coming out but that's due to ordering them months (and with one, over a year) ago and am just awaiting their completion. You have Refia (Final Fantasy 3) getting hypnovored by a plant to look forward to, along with Felix Argyle with a plant, Hanako Ikezawa with a snake, and Monika (DDLC) with a plant, and possibly Pyra (Xenoblade 2) with a plant but that was a request instead of something I paid for so...
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