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Shannon was slumped over in the bathroom, just woken up by the stickiness of vomit in her hair. She had drank most of a fifth of tequila by herself, and had not taken to it well. The bathroom floor was covered in a thin layer of a what seemed to be a mixture of vomit and cum. She blinked in confusion, and in pain, her hangover fucking with her.

Thankfully, her mother was nowhere t

Elliot was playing in a baseball game for his high school. He was varsity, but only just. He was up to bat. Legs spread, the same width as the shoulders, body tight; then he hit the ball like he was defeating the enemy. The pinky finger is the key.
He who conquers the left side, conquers the world.

The ball flew into the outfield, he tossed his bat aside, and made a mad dash fo

There was knock at the front door of the O'niel household. Shannon O'niel sat at the end of her bed, thoughtlessly brushing her long dark hair. “Mom!” She shouted, trying to alert her mother. She had just gotten out of school, and their mom was stay at home, and this was more of her responsibility. She heard the door open, and then shut and then went back to brushing.
Mrs. O'niel opened the door to see a very tall busty woman standing in front of her. Mrs. O'niel staggered back,

big presentation was today. Geoff had been working on it for the
last several months, and it was important that it go well should he
ever want that promotion at his company. That's not all that was at
stake as well; his girlfriend Maria had been pestering him to get
married. He loved her, he just wanted to make sure that they were
financially ready before making that plunge.

was standing in the open in their shabby studio apartment, adjusting
his tie with no mirror. “Here, let me

Foodchain or the Tragedy of Isaac Dawson
had come off a stressful day of work at the theatre. Not that James
had told her who she had unbirthed earlier that night, but she
currently had his homeroom teacher stored away as a load of femcum in
her sopping wet pussy. And because of this, she was one half of the
way to getting to get fucked by her well endowed hermaphroditic
girlfriend. As Brianna had put it, there were rules to dating
Shannon, most of which came down to domination an

Theatre 8
“I need your help.” Brianna was exasperated. James really didn't want to deal with this, it was opening weekend of a Disney movie, and it was Princess themed for crying out loud. The kids were awful and made a horrible mess with their popcorn.
“I hope you mean with some mess.”
“It is a disaster.”
“No, I mean in this theatre.”
“I'm in this theatre.” Brianna said.
Brianna had been scarce at the O'Niel household since her

“Hey, I’m going on a date.” Shannon was talking to her mother. Mrs. O’niel was simultaneously relieved and cautious about that sentence. It was no secret between her and her children that sex in the house was rampant as of late. She had simply not been prepared for it, her daughter especially. But unlike her son, Shannon was distant before, but seemed to have cloistered herself even further starting with high school, and Mrs. O’niel hadn’t felt as though s

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So, as you may have noticed, with the exception of two stories, (one previously removed for reasons, and a shitpost) all of my writing has been a single story. This is no mistake. The naming convention is weird, and doesn't indicate that the stories are tied together at all. For the most part this hasn't mattered, however there are story developments that are coming that are going to rely pretty heavily on earlier works to the point that just jumping in will be difficult. So I'm curious. What makes more sense: 1. Changing the names of all of my stories and then putting them in a folder so that there is some organization, or 2. Just putting it into one folder, and adding a tag so people can find it, or 3. Linking all the stories together in the doobly doo so people can find the chapter...
[ Continued ... ]

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