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Welcome to the land of hopes and dreams! Provided you were hoping to see the squirming bulges of humans and anthros alike being slowly gurgled down into pudge inside of a nice and soft, satisfied bellies that is. If you have any pet kobolds I'd advise keeping them on a leash around these parts. There's no telling what kind of hungry predator they may end up as dinner for if you don't keep an eye on them. And if you yourself happen to be a kobold? Well, it may already be too late to back out as anything more then a belched up skull by now. Sorry, but them's the rules. You don't have to like em', you just have to accept them while you digest into something more useful~

What to expect: Predators of all shapes and sizes (EXLUIDING HUMANS). Anthros, OCs, Pokémon, Dragons, and fantasy or irl feral creatures of any kind. What I consider to be my 'main' form of content that I post here are my stories. I do post a fair amount of sketches in a separate folder though! I'm still very new to drawing, but that doesn't mean I can't take pride and share my progress.

PS: I accept commissions, and if I find myself REALLY enjoying your idea I may just write the first one for free x3

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Scalebreath's Blog - Fur affinity Page! Posted 1 month ago

Not sure why I didn't have one to begin with, but I finally have a FA page where I will be posting most of the stories from here, as well as future one! Also, as you have probably been able to tell I am doing a nice big rework of my pages theming to make it look nicer. And that very much includes adding thumbnails to stories that didn't have proper one :p

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Posted by randommissile17 4 months ago Report

thank you for the favorite! ^w^


Posted by MarkusFreeman320 6 months ago Report

<< Reply To Scalebreath

Ahhhh, long time no seeeeeeeeee!

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Posted by Gwyvern 10 months ago Report

Oh my you look tasty~ Thanks for the fave.


Posted by Bangaa_Dragoon 10 months ago Report

I love kobolds and hate humans as preds as well.
Though it makes sense for the little scalies that love to stay close to large preds to be prey, kobolds can be great small preds with large prey.


Posted by marader4 10 months ago Report

A bit late, but welcome to the site.


Posted by vixingirl 11 months ago Report

Thanks for watching! :3


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Welcome to the portal!

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