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*Stomp Stomp Stomp*


Bailey paced back and forth in her room in frustration. She looked down at her painfully swollen cock and aching balls. Her cock twitched almost angrily at her. She was


damn close to getting Arthur back. Why did he have to get cold fe


“Are you out of your fucking mind?!”


Bailey looked shocked as Arthur snapped. A second ago, he was comfortable resting his head on her sack, now he was stood up in anger. She had forgotten how tall he was as he loomed over her and nearly yelled in her face.

Arthur felt like he was having a vivid dream. He felt movement and he heard sounds, but he never quite grasped what he was sensing or even that he was sensing anything. There was a dense haze over his consciousness until he felt warm. Then cool. Then cold.

The coldness was what woke up him fully. He blinked a few times, shivered and looked around. It was bright. Brighter t

Looking for new roommate. Boys only! No texting, call only!

Arthur looked at the ad online, unsure of whether he should call. The l

isting had a low price, it

was close to his job

, and even had a decent amount of workout equipment

, but he always firmly believed if something sounded too good to be true, it

considered himself a very lucky man. Not even thirty yet and he was
retired thanks to a few good business deals, he was in top shape,
everything from his muscles to his teeth was perfect, and he was
married to his high school sweetheart. Life really couldn’t get
much better than this.
the coffee okay?” Dylan asked the man sitting beside him. Dylan was
a slim young man with pale skin, short blond hair and a rather
feminine face. He looked particularly scrawny sitting next to the

Wrath of the Monster Mamma

Jason was very distraught. These past six years had resulted in a lot of ups and downs in his life. First, he was placed into an impossibly awkward but alluring sexual situation when his mother Karen, his step mother Lara, and his college crush Iris all showed up at his doorstep, their bellies incredibly large and swollen. Each of them wanted

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I've got a 2 comics in the works, I think you guys will like em. I also have 2 authors making some cool stories. And I'm trying my hand again at writing.

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Posted by darkflame8 9 days ago

Thanks for the watch


Posted by darc22005 7 months ago

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Heh agreed <3 I has no shemale chars right now but i have several lovely herms :3

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Posted by darc22005 7 months ago

Those stories you commissioned. Fantastic <3 So hope to see more

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Posted by darc22005 7 months ago

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Heh no problem <3 Read your stories and loved them ^^ Trait theft is underrated :3

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Posted by darc22005 9 months ago

This Ch deserves way more love <3

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Posted by JackNoName 1 year ago

Wouw, in all your 10 years on here I am the second person you watch. Its a pleasure and I hope I wont dissapoint. Thank you :)


Posted by vayne358 1 year ago

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Pretty bad.


Posted by Jikarite 1 year ago

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That is extremely flattering. I plan to have more out soon.


Posted by Jikarite 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch.


Posted by Vuin 4 years ago

Thank you for the continued support of my stories.

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