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PREVIEW: The Serpent's Council Part 1
assassin slipped into the under cover of early-morning darkness into
the banquet hall. It would be several hours before the first of the
dignitaries arrived: Vizier Abu al Khayr, ambassador from the Emirate
of Qara, known for his empathy, kindness and charity; Princess Ayana,
daughter of the King of Durin, whose wisdom was said to be far beyond
her youthful years and surpassed only by her sublime loveliness; and
perhaps strangest of all, Baron Yizz

The Lizardman Comes to
By Scorby
Jackie wasn't exactly
happy the first time her husband talked to her about inviting Keruk
to stay with them. Graham, a cultural anthropologist at the
University of Oremy – well-known for his groundbreaking work
applying his field to cultures outside of humanity – had met and
befriended the lizardman during a field expedition to Shlgishlak. The
first human to venture to the lizardman nation in at least 200 years,
he'd left Keruk with an open invitation to

The Lizardman Part III: Princess Caitlynn
Princess Caitlynn was a bit annoyed with her father following the noon meal. She wasn't upset, exactly, but she sometimes wondered about the old man. Yes, he had reputation for hospitality and generosity, and yes, that was a good thing. But sometimes it seemed like upholding that reputation was more important than running the kingdom. Being a monarch meant that sometimes you had to make hard decisions. Sometimes, for the good of your people, you had to d

The Lizardman II: A Meeting and a Midday Meal
The lizardman noble Baron Sklozilk, well-rested from a good night's sleep, finally stood before King Oravin's throne. This was the purpose of his visit, after all: To deliver a message and request of considerable importance from Emperor Iguzk IV of the lizardfolk Empire. The message was not urgent -- Shlgishlak was not in immediate danger of open war -- but recent developments were nonetheless alarming.
``Good morning, my friend!'' King Oravin said,

The Lizardman and Bryanne
The servant girl returned shortly after sunset. ``The message has been delivered, My Lord,'' she said as she curtseyed demurely. ``King Oravin and his Queen are eager to meet with you. The guards have been instructed to expect your arrival. They will grant you entrance to the city and provide escort to the castle.''
Baron Slkozilk smiled. Tonight would be the final night of the long journey, for tomorrow they would finally enter city of Oremy, Capital of the Human kingd

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I don't think I'll ever use this blog as, y'know, a blog. More likely, I'll use it just this once, just for this. To tell you a little about what kind of work you can expect from me, and what I wouldn't mind seeing from you.

My tastes in vore are very narrow and very specific. It must be soft. It must be consensual. The prey must be human (or at least close -- elves and the like are acceptable, furries are not ), female, and willing. The predator must be non-human (as neither same-size nor macro vore does anything for me, so that leaves non-human preds large enough to do the deed) but possessed of human-level intelligence, as it strikes me as such a waste to feed a delicious young lady to a mindless animal who can't properly...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Devour 2 years ago Report

I have sent a few messages now all saying that we would love to see more! Your work is fantastic the only reason you don't get more comments asking for more is because people see that you haven't posted in a long time. Your work is some of the best I have read and the Sneak Preview you have here promises a great story beyond just the vore.


Posted by Scratch 2 years ago Report

Whoa, I read your stories years ago, awesome to see more lizardman tales!


Posted by Dr_Gog 7 years ago Report

Make more stories! You rock.

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