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Greetings, I am a writer of vore smut.
I enjoy all manner of weird kinky subjects, so there is very little I won't write about.
Check in on Filthy Fridays when new stories are uploaded.
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Septia's Blog - Infortune's Favour Posted 4 days ago

Greetings, and welcome to Clean Filthy Friday the 13th~.

Feels like it has been a while since last, hasn't it? Wonder what our little Spirit of misfortune is up to? Last she found that some people's fortune becomes other's fortune. Has she had enough time to put this into practice?
If "thi-.




Have you heard?
The wandering geist who stirs the trees?
The one who was cursed with fortune.

They stalk the parks, strike the streets, sowing their rotten luck.
Some blame coincidence, but others… theorise.
Have you heard?

Misfortune is supernatural, but accidents less so.
Who’s to say, they, don’t have a score to settle?
The one who was cursed with...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by CreativeWriter 1 year ago Report

Hey, sent you a PM. Would be nice if you could read it.


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Posted by KimMadcox 3 years ago Report

Hey Septia, have you received my messages?


Posted by FurryLexicon 4 years ago Report

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I like your stories. Especially the way you type noises just feels on the nose. ^w^


Posted by Suneater 4 years ago Report

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There will~ keep up the great work!


Posted by SuccubusChara 4 years ago Report

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Same to you.~


Posted by saintheartwing 4 years ago Report

Say, Septia, when do you think you'll upload MY commission, pray tell?


Posted by snivydaleaf 4 years ago Report



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Posted by ForgottenLegends 5 years ago Report

I really love your stories, and you have such a sexy mane style

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