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Greetings, I am a writer of vore smut.
I enjoy all manner of weird kinky subjects, so there is very little I won't write about.
Check in on Filthy Fridays when new stories are uploaded.

Patreon is open.
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The commission is on being worked on currently.

Reference for the authors: Sep and Tia.

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Donation Intensive update:
We have reached the incentive!
Thank you deeply to everyone who donated~.
The Weirduary Commission is finished, check it out on Tumblr.
Another Thanks goes out to everyone who donated~.

Contact me:
Here on Eka's portal
Here on Furaffinity.
Here on Fimfiction.
And now I am actually On Tumblr. Ask me questions and Browse stories.
Or on Weasyl: (which is not implemented quite yet).

New stories posted every Friday.

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Wecome to Fithy Friday
You may have noticed a ack of a certain etter. A symbo which many ove, and usts for, shaped ike a chair seat.
My keyboard has been acting strange the past days, so far I have not determined the cause. Writing is hampered by this, since not having a your etters cause probems.

Wish me uck, in the meantime enjoy a showering alien <-- (had to copy paste that one.)

This week's story is also found on Furaffinity[/color].

But it is not found on Fimfiction[/color].

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Posted by KimMadcox 6 months ago

Hey Septia, have you received my messages?


Posted by FurryLexicon 11 months ago

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I like your stories. Especially the way you type noises just feels on the nose. ^w^


Posted by Suneater 1 year ago

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There will~ keep up the great work!


Posted by SuccubusChara 1 year ago

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Same to you.~


Posted by saintheartwing 1 year ago

Say, Septia, when do you think you'll upload MY commission, pray tell?


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Posted by ForgottenLegends 2 years ago

I really love your stories, and you have such a sexy mane style

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Posted by NekoChanBerri 2 years ago

I love your stories, and hope to see more of Cofn in the future. Maybe young human prey? :3 Keep up the awesome content~

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