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Hair colored a deep blue with cheap hair dye and cut in a messy homemade bob, eyes a doe-like brown, and a rather average body build clad in a cheap black long coat. Her name is Blaire. She’s 29, single, never been kissed, and currently walking down a dark alley in the rain toward a little place with a hot pink neon sign that says “Dark Appetites Only”. A cheap alternative to the super expensive vore whorehouses in uptown. This is no dark marble building furnished with only the

In a mid-sized skyscraper accented with marble in the heart of a bustling metropolis is a desk where sits a wolfman with his head in his hands on the brink of a migraine headache. A somewhat tall man with a typical amount of muscle for a man in his forties, a 3-inch-long gray mane of a beard that contrasts against his brown fur. His name is Benny Lypuston, and this huge office on the 40
floor of a multinational corporat

It was Lydie’s anniversary, 20
wonderful years with her equally wonderful husband, a 10 foot long
emerald boa named Denra. When the curly-haired brunette woke up this
morning, she was greeted with a lovely smooch on the cheek by her
handsome little snakey.
“Honey, I have something for you.
I need you to wake up.” Coos the boa, slithering up onto the white
satin sheets of the bed they’ve shared for 20 years now and
sensually winding around his wife’s gorgeous body. Her auburn eyes

Federal Megafauna
Reserve #1
The Federal Megafauna Reserve is a
government run location dedicated to the preservation of endangered
or nearly extinct species of woman eaters. To make additional
funding, women who become prey at this facility have their final
moments recorded on film and sold in the adult sections of malls.
=======================Rimble Room
A simulated
forest environment featuring a large pit of loose earth and above
that is a large sunroof. In the

Women of Damballa
75% of all women on the world of
Damballa have what are known as “prey urges”. This essentially
means that women who have prey urges experience sexual arousal when
faced with the concept, possibility, or reality of being eaten alive.
That’s not to say that these women have no survival instincts, far
from it. If faced with a natural danger like a tornado, or other
women who pose a threat, these women will defend themselves to the
best of their ability. However, th

Designation : Dovench
Temperament : Ravenous, savage, and
tireless. Having been originally designed as a weapon, the Dovench is
on a constant hunt for women to devour.
Description : The Dovench was once
described by the TFC as ‘a mouth with legs’, and that essentially
sums up what the Dovench’s life is. Standing at 3.5 feet tall,
Having a large semi-spherical body, with a huge mouth lined with
metal-piercing teeth, no eyes, no ears, black oily skin, four long
extendable tendrils on its ba

Yay! Horsie!
“Where the fuck is she!?” The
frustrated and panicked shriek of a busty short-haired redhead
pierces from around the corner of a barn on the edge of a hauntingly
deserted farmstead. “There’s no one here!! This is fucked up,
Mel!” Her voice becoming more desperate as she rounds the corner
searching for a sign of life, nervously tugging on the left strap of
her high-cut swim-bottom; a nervous tick she’s had since she was
“You don’t
need to tell me. I see it.

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I need suggestions. I don't want to get tired of snakes, so I need to expand my horizons and let my elbows swing free. I don't know what kind of predator I should try next.

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