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Connor sighs, looking over the territory he doesn't control - yet. It's a delicate time for the tiger-anthro, only 17, just kicked out of his mother's den permanently along with his sister. As is their way, they separated, her to wander other male's territories, and him to carve out one of his own. The cat is trim, healthy, strong, and close to full grown, but he knows he's got a few losing fights to go through before he's strong enough to defeat a more established male. He starts stalking the p

The lioness is sprawled out on a rather large rock over looking the surrounding area, her amber eyes regarding the terrain with a certain coolness as she lets out a yawn and a slurp of her chops, she was an impressive figure without a doubt and without the male lions that usually harassed your kind perhaps approachable as her quite lovely form lay draped over the smooth surface of the rock.

The cheetah finds himself out and about, whilst he spots the lionesses reclining figure he finds himself

A rather massive cheetah starts to pad in through the clearings of the park, he's very far away from his prey, but that hardly matters as his eyes gaze over the park, his keen eyes catching sight of something tasty in the distance.

Clari ends up settled on the other side of the clearing then, her form casually led down at the base of one of the trees, back propped up a little by the edge of the roots running from it's large form. One of her hands even idly picking at the grass, occasionally te

04:10:12 : Mythology creeps, not so calmly, through the moonlit night of the park. Stirred from bed out of the desire for a midnight repast, the blue and white rabbit shuffles through the thinner brush. One hand raises to the back of his head, idly grumbling about the chilly night and a lack of fridge stocking on his part. He swallows hard, trying to keep his cool as he strolls the barely lit park trails.04:16:24 : Sikhoten_Tiger , despite the chilly weather around him bringing snow falling from

Veronica sets her butt seated right on your nose. It's clad in some very lacy white panties. She looks back at you and winks with a little laugh.

* sikhotentiger erfs a bit and flicks his whiskers some, tickling her legs some as the tiger wrinkles his nose. The tiger looks over at you with a raised eye-tuft.

The deergirl grunts and grimaces, not letting herself be tickled, or at least, not letting herself laugh and squirm... much. But her soft rump does rub on your nose a little bit, scootin

Bitsa snuggles your back into his belly and starts to slide his tongue accross the back of your neck.

Anima vibrates gently, eyes shut, enjoying your broad licks across his silky neck.

Bitsa continues to work away with his tongue, sliding around the bases of your ears

Panther-ears flick softly, tail swishing sluggishly about, sighing and relaxing.

Bitsa murrrs back gently and starts to slurp up the tips of your ears.

The furred peaks flex beneath your tongue gently. Murrr.....


Neesa turns in after a long day, hungry and exhausted. There was no time to find a suitable snack when she gets home, so she just makes a beeline to her room, strips quickly and flops on the bed. She sighs, groaning as she takes the effort to tuck herself in, then flicks off the lights. In minutes, she was out like a light.

Neesa's dreams would wander, as they often did from thing to thing, bits of work and her life sneaking through her thoughts early on, though slowly twisting as time went on

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Posted by Shush 9 years ago Report

Do you still write or has that stopped when that guy dissapeared?


Posted by Sikhoten_Tiger 11 years ago Report

Millan has vanished afaik so that won't be possible I'm afraid.


Posted by ganon2280 12 years ago Report

your stuf is great. you shuld do more with millan though.


Posted by Leshana 13 years ago Report

Hello Bitsa! Welcome to your userpage :) Shall we tie this into the chat? I'm sure there is something cool we can do.

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