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I came here to feed my fantasies, and mainly to rp. I'm a fairly nice person, but am prone to showing a nasty side if pushed the wrong way. As far as what type of vore I like, I'm purely a fan of soft vore. I'm not picky how prey is vored, as long as it's soft, but what really turns me on... is absorption. Particularly absorption done by slime girls. As a big slime lover, I tend to fantasize about being absorbed into a slime girl, a lot. On a side note, I enjoy chatting and meeting new people, so please don't be afraid to talk to me, I won't bite.

I am not very active on here. I'm much, MUCH more active on FurAffinity. You may find my works over there.

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I'll probably never have this filled with anything. Still pondering if email addresses can be changed though. Then maybe I can have some more activity going on around here.

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Posted by Yuyuko1995 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch


Posted by JustALittleVore 1 year ago Report

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Always a bad time lmao


Posted by seducingangel 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch love!


Posted by Hestia042 1 year ago Report

Thank you for watching and listening.

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Posted by Starcrossing 2 years ago Report

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Sorry to hear it! Yeah if you want to write a fan-story for Star that's totally cool. Definitely shoot me a link once you finish it.


Posted by Scaylid00d 2 years ago Report

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You are more than welcome to use her again <3 It makes me so glad when someone enjoys my characters so much~


Posted by Scaylid00d 2 years ago Report

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Heya! :D I just read it, and I love it \o3o/ Really glad that you had so much fun with my Claire.

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