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I did not like the way my dad kept glancing over at me.

It has been two weeks since I was forced to endure being in my own father’s stomach. He swallowed me whole in front of his buddies to show off and it was a humiliating experience. My own dad ate me like he was a lion in the wild devouring his cub. Mom wasn’t pleased with him but at least I made it out okay and didn’t digest.

"How about I make us some breakfast?" mom asked Chase. “But what about Devon? Aren't you already full?” Mom patted her distended stomach. "Momma's never full, there's always room in my belly for more.” Chase laughed. I sat, curdled tightly in her belly. She was strong and I couldn't escape. It was damp, her stomach walls hugged me tightly in place. I could feel myself swaying back and forth as my mom waddled around. "You know, I think you've had a long enough punis

Chase walks into my room."Sup." He says"Hey" I reply."So I saw your stories." He says, with a tone that he's calling me out.I nervously paced in my head. "... What stories?" I tried remaining calm."The stories about you eating me."My face became flushed."Oh..." I said, feeling cornered and very embarrassed."You think you could actually swallow me whole?" He said, sounding defensive."No it's not like --""And then you wrote about torturing me after eating me!" He sounded annoyed.I stayed quiet.“

Lilian stood at the kitchen sink, finishing up some dishes from earlier that day. A knock on the door echoed on the house and she called for the visitor to come in.

It was one of the neighbor kids, 11 year old Freddy who walked into the house.

"Hello Miss Lilian! Is Michael able to come out and play?"

Lilian finished drying her hands and looked at the kid sweetly.

"I don't know abou

In my 14 years of living, I have never been more embarrassed and humiliated in my life. I’m in me dad’s stomach. Nobody is going to believe me either, but he really ate me. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen someone do. He unhinged his jaw like a snake and swallowed me whole.

It started because him and three of his drinking buddies were watching football. They were all pretty wasted on beers. One of his friends John started talking about a huge st

I took another bite of fried chicken, enjoyed the crunch it made as I pulled another piece into my mouth. As i chewed, the greasy meat blended together with my saliva into a gooey ball of mush in my mouth. My tongue pushed the food from side to side as I chewed it thoroughly. I pushed the meat towards the back of my throat, and with a single effortless gulp, the bolus of food traveled smoothly down my throat. I loved every minute of this process. I felt in tune with myself when I ate. I could fe

“Okay the cake is ready”



“I'm so excited for this” Rachael replied, feeling giddy

In front of them was a very large hallowed out cake that Rachael will be hiding inside. It was Brandon's birth

Jerry took another swig of beer. He let out a content sigh as the cool liquid poured down his throat.

"I got these guys working overtime. Gonna be about two more weeks till the house is finished." the burly man said to his coworker Zach.

Zach nodded in agreeance as he downed more of his own beer.

"Hot as he

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