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Greetings, everyone! My name is Spider8Fiend, but please call me Spider! As you may have noticed from my gallery, I am a writer of vore fics; my preferred genres are comedy, drama, science fiction, horror, and slice of life. I post smutty stuff on here infrequently, and if you're curious, I do accept commissions. If anyone is interested in chatting, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Most of the time, I do not accept RP requests. My apologies, but my schedule is too full to handle that. However, I am open to negotiations. Oh, and if the RP is focused on an existing fandom like Undertale, Steven Universe, or the Owl House, I will likely request permission to edit and post the story on my profile.

Please note that I only give access to my stories and other content to Registered Users of this site. If you are not a member of Eka's, you will be unable to see my content. This is a safety measure to keep non-members of the vore community from stumbling on my works. If you have any trouble seeing my stories, this is the most likely reason; if other problems crop up, I will correct them post-haste.

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Dear Viewers,

Greetings to you cool cats out there! This is Spider8Fiend reaching out to give a mid-year update on this channel. Things have been wild and interesting both on Aryion and in real life, personally and beyond. Some news is good, some bad, and some just plain weird. Before I get into the nitty gritty tho, I wanna thank you all for the support you've shown over the years! This channel wouldn't be as successful or productive without my viewership, whom I owe so much to!

As for the news, its broken down into three parts. I'll make it a bullet list, which should make digesting it easier.

The Good:
-I reached 300 posts this year. It's crazy to think of how much attention I've poured onto Aryion, sharing my crazy ideas and lewd writings...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by DemonFuneral 11 days ago Report

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You're welcome ^^


Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 4 months ago Report

Thank you for watching.

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Posted by Luigiandro54 11 months ago Report

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Hello, could You help me please? I don't know how to upload My stuff. I like your art style bro.

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Posted by Knightrider43 1 year ago Report

T-Thank you for the fav.


Posted by DodongoQueen3 1 year ago Report

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Me finding your peridot vore comic


Posted by DodongoQueen3 1 year ago Report

Glad to find you keep up the good work


Posted by LoGUNmasta 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite


Posted by gwillikers 1 year ago Report

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No problem! I greatly enjoy your art!


Posted by Eddibble 1 year ago Report

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No probs


Posted by KraGo 1 year ago Report

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No problem, sorry I didn't say anything. It's good art.


Posted by EmmE 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav! <3

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Posted by twilighttrixter 1 year ago Report

Like the pred ubor

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