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Name's Fomo! Nice to meetcha! :3

Here's where you'll see most of my commission work, YCHs, and some vorish stuff too!

NOTE: Not everything I post here is something I'm "into". If you're not sure, just ask!

You can see my regular art over at: Forest-Wolf


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Forest Refsheet:

Also, I'm the creator of the Filter Affinity Browser Extension (v1.5.2): Chrome & Opera/ Firefox

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-Please DO NOT use/post my art on other sites without my permission!
-I AM NOT ON ANY RP SITES! If you see someone there pretending to be Fomo, it's not me.
-NOTE: Fomo is pred only, unless I give consent on a prey idea. Fast way to get on my bad side, there.
-Also, please ASK before getting commissioned art of my characters, please! It's just rude, otherwise.

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Current Fo-February Commissions (chosen 3 at a time):
0. Zerky (Example image) -
1. Cappu the Sheep -
2. IV -
3. Tsumi -
4. Vanilla Bunwolf -
5. Snackcat -
6. Ferroxdoon -
7. Khomn (Elecpyro) - In progress
8. Cyril - In progress
9. Reiku -


Okay, sign-ups are over with! Thank you everyone who submitted one, I'm reading through them all and they're pretty great so far. <3 Give me a day or so to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by lunchymunchies 4 months ago Report

Were you the one who said you liked bunny preds? If so, you might like these:


Posted by Flocas 10 months ago Report

Thanks for following


Posted by stankoman223 1 year ago Report

Y'know what? I'm just gonna go out and say it. Fomo is the first character I can truly say I've gotten a pred crush on. Good fuckin job.


Posted by ConorOnAryion 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To SpottedSqueak



Posted by ConorOnAryion 1 year ago Report

I wanna see Sonic as a pred, Fomo! :3


Posted by eaterjolly 1 year ago Report

Faux Modernism ;-3


Posted by grenade 1 year ago Report

I love mouse preds so cute ! ^^ and your art is great ! ;P

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