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Hello! I am currently looking to trade writing/art for art. Which means I will write a story of draw a picture for art of one of my characters. I know I am not the best writer or artist though, so if you would like to draw my characters for my writing/art, I will pm you the story/picture before you draw the picture. I am much more experienced in writing, so that would probably be better to choose than my art. Also, I will only draw traditionally, seeing as how I am terrible at digital art. I will do coloring, but I prefer a color pallet before I color said picture. I will be posting a picture of my drawing within the next few days, so that people can see my art style. My limit on writing is 20 pages. I know I am asking for a picture of a character and that takes time, but so does writing....
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Thanks for the Watch! ♥

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Heya! Sorry for not saying something sooner! But thank you for
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Thanks for the watch!


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Not a problem, I try not to post TOO much and I purposfully left the VR itself blank, since I don't fully know what the world is supposed to be like, if it's like SAO and starts you in a grassy plain or if it re-creates your room, so I left it at putting the headset on and now I'm realizing that I'm rambling in this SHoutbox reply oh god stop why can't i stop someone please stop me

Have a good day x-x


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

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Thank you kindly. :3


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D

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