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Her Corpulent Cat Maid(RWBY Vore)By Switch“Here you go. I expect a good tip for this,” Blake Belladonna said flatly as she placed the platter of food at the table, a few thick slices of cake and a large strawberry milkshake. She placed her hands onto her hips, only drawing attention to the sexy maid outfit that she wore, finished with a collar and a bell. She had been working as a waitress at the Kitten Maid Café for a few weeks now and she was mostly enjoying it. Not only was it good for

RWBY Shorts(RWBY Vore)By SwitchTeam RWBYRuby, Weiss and Blake stared in disbelief as Yang strutted into the room. Although, waddling was probably the more appropriate term, taking heavy steps, fat jiggling with each one, soft hips grazing the door frame on either side as she walked into their dorm room. “Well? Notice anything different about me?” Yang said, her voice low and slurred under chubby cheeks, each word followed by a heavy pant, the formerly fit fighter clearly not used to breathi

Checkmate(RWBY Vore)By SwitchAdam panted heavily, slouching as he was held in Weiss’ grip, staring at Blake. No aura, no weapon, just himself, looking more than a little worse for wear after their fight. “Fine. Go ahead and arrest me,” he said daringly, as though still trying to provoke the pair of girls that had managed to best him. “But don’t think you won’t be seeing me again… You can’t run from me forever, Blake.”Blake stared down at him unwaveringly, a col

Winter Schnee’s Curious Cravings(RWBY Vore)By SwitchWinter Schnee certainly couldn’t complain about her circumstances, not when she was being so well cared for. Being so heavily pregnant certainly took her out of the action, but she didn’t mind. She had new responsibilities now, including taking care of herself and her baby belly that seemed to get bigger by the day.Sat up in her bed within her quarters, she knew she wasn’t exactly at her most dignified right now, wearin

Kali’s Life of Luxury(RWBY Vore)By SwitchKali Belladonna wasn’t exactly sure why it had taken herself so long to give into her temptations. She was raised to be humble and modest, but it had eventually dawned on her that, as wife to the chieftain of Menagerie, there were far too many luxuries available to her that she was squandering. And once those thoughts began to form in the back of her mind, they became impossible to ignore. Their manor did have a few spare rooms, and the guard

The Winter Maiden’s Warmth(RWBY Vore)By Switch“Oh, Ruby, I knew this was a bad idea! I told you that you should have stayed behind…”“I know, Penny! You don’t have to keep reminding me…”Ruby huffed as she trudged through the snow, her tall boots keeping her socks nice and dry. That was probably the one positive she had about her current situation, Mantle looking so distant as she made her way through the snowy wilderness under the concerned watch of the mechanical Maiden.

Yang’s Three-Course Meal(RWBY Vore)By SwitchYang Xiao Long rather enjoyed being ‘sexy’. It was no coincidence that her regular outfits were so skimpy, showing off her nice toned huntress-in-training body with a confidence that made fire seem cold. Of course, she was no slut, as teasing and baiting were all enough for her. Showing off was simply too much fun.So naturally, it confused Yang when she heard that thicker girls were ‘in’. The idea that the beauty standard

Sharp-Set Sleepwalker(RWBY Vore)By SwitchA dull bump in the night was enough to wake Pyrrha Nikos from a comfortable sleep, the poor girl lazily opening her eyes to investigate the source of the noise. Stifling a yawn, the rolled herself over to look across at the three other beds that were laid beside her own. Two of them were expectedly empty, with Jaune and Ren having been sent off on a two-person training mission for a few days. Pyrrha may have been slightly disappointed to hear that Jaune

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