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Inficity-dark birth

Part 2


Clouds…big fluffy little clouds all around her. She tried to catch them, but it was no use. It was like her life…always there was something there she could not grasp. This dream was different however; because she actually knew what it was she couldn't have…clouds. What is the meaning hidden within a cloud? The answer escaped Megan as she awoke from her slumber. She threw her fist out intending to hit the snooze on the alarm clock,


Imagine if you will, a world ravaged by darkness. I know it sound clich, but in all truth, this world has been pointlessly assaulted by just that…the darkness. Now again, I ask you to imagine a ravaged world-and by that I mean a place where everything good has been damaged beyond repair. Even the simple joys over daily life have been stripped away for the people you are about to read about. Inficity was once a prosperous metropolitan area with plenty of trees and wildlife

The Well

Quiet. It was quiet here. No birds sang outside, and no scurrying of feet echoed off the walls. It was green here. Green and grey and blue and watery. The stony faced temple stood leaning to on side from the mass of trees that threatened every day to push its moss covered bricks over. The roof was gone a century and a day ago, but the reflection pool in the middle and its immediate surroundings looked just as good as they ever had. For it was built before the temple itself. The pool

--The marshland water goddess--

The sky above was bleak…lightning split the angry clouds above into puffy shards of wicked cotton floating through the mid day sky. Emily was sitting on her front porch drinking deeply from a gallon of water. She had two other empty gallons sitting next to her chair. She drank and watched the rain for the next hour, finishing one after another and putting them out in the rain to fill up. This process would split the seams and organs of any human who wou

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