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Hello there, I'm known as Outrealm-Gates on tumblr and I've been lurking on here a while. Gonna try and work up the courage and the herbagerba for commission writing for various kinks and provide some good stuff.

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   Climbing the Vore-prate Ladder
Contains; Vore, Cuckolding, Obesity, Scat, Digestion and changes in sexual preference as a result of such events
 “Honey… are you absolutely sure about this? I know you always went on about preds in our high school days but… Am I really trading the love of my life for a rung up on the corporate ladder?”

“No honey, you’re getting the promotion you deserve, and giving me quite possibly the happiest anniversary news I could’ve

you're not prepared to lose (ch.1)
drive back could not be more nerve wracking, traffic everywhere. But
Adrian knew driving through it all like a maniac would lead to a fine
or worse, so he just had to bear the delays as his knuckles went
white at the wheel. His heart beat steady and quick, thoughts
flicking to the three important girls in his life as he rounded the
corner to the block, and it sank as it saw an unfamiliar vehicle
parked on the lawn, and the front door already open. He j

you’re not prepared to lose (Prologue)
sighed. Whilst helping her daughters with their homework she would
gaze to the clock with worry. He was late. Again. The lovely french
mother tried to hide her worry about her husband’s
tardiness…..he….he did promise. Surely he….surely there was a
good explanation.
Does this look right?” Her youngest would ask, Aimee, a skunk just
like her mother. While she still had a very young and sweet
personality her body had develope

Father’s Love
wasn’t in the room he’d rented. That could only mean she was
getting up to her twisted games again. The chances of someone
innocent being hurt by her senseless sporadic outbursts was very
high…..Bjorn gave a gruff and low gravely sigh. How…..How could a
girl so sweet and innocent looking….grow to become the devil
herself. Nothing was too petty, too far….too evil for her. But
even through all of this. No matter how many times he expressed utter
disgust and revil

A Very Filling Night (8/8 drabble)
Three scantily clad nightclub workers shuffled off to one of the private rooms, A very lithe and demure Kitsune, a familiar curvy Doe, and an incredibly heavyset Cheetah. Very few in this town could afford multiple escorts…and even then 2 was usually the max. But today was somewhat of a holiday for lovers of this nightclub’s specialty….a holiday revolving around this carnal consumption fun. Penny had a good idea who the patron was, and her h

Debut Performance ch3
Lyra grunted and panted as she began to slide Penny off of her cock like a used condom, the herm-bunny’s sperm leaking out in a stream once her tip was freed of its newly gaped fleshy prison. The stage had no means of fluid-removal like a grate, it appears Garret either hired people to clean the stages or they were soaked and saturated in many an orgasm.
“Oh sugar….Look at how much is leakin’ outchya’….Better get started ‘fore yo

Debut Performance Ch.2
Penny signed her name neatly and handed back the pen, her agreement clear and documented. She accepted the terms and conditions of the extended contract, and simply needed the proper attire, the pill, and the boss’s blessing to get out on the floor. Speaking of the boss, reading the papers and remembering from her application, his name was Garret.
“O-Okay Mister Garret, sir…S-So how exactly am I going to take that pill….? Its awfully big…&r

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Ive been in less of a writing mood lately and I apologize, though I may be coming back with fresh ideas soon to supplement continuing my last series

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