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Gloria’s feet tapped lightly against the tile of her kitchen, careful not to wake the girls sleeping right next to her in the living room. Finally, after hours of noise, her daughter’s slumber party finally died down. The lights were off, but she knew her own kitchen well enough to navigate it even while blind.

How half a dozen young girls could make so much noise, Gloria had no idea. She was just glad that she would finally

Lynn stretched as she sat up in bed, her belly so large as it sat in her lap that in her drowsy stupor she thought one of her snacks from last night made it to the morning. But as she woke up, she realized all that was in there was a thick, burbling soup, all the girls within melted away and churned into one big mess. The most individuality any of them had left was whatever scraps of undigested clothing remained floating inside Lynn’s stomach.

This is fine…

Haruko thought to herself, trying to keep herself calm on the bumpy ride up to the mountains.

It’s for the village… Everyone is going to stay safe because of me…

And besides… these ropes are way too tight to escape now…

“Two years, two years I’ve suffered the torment of being confined within these stone walls, and never before have I been treated with such indignity!” Magilou loudly complained to the escort taking the witch to her new cell. “My old abode was lovely! Perfect! The sun peeking in through the barres windows, gently kissing me awake at the perfect time, it was my only solace in this island of stone and steel! But now you brutes-“

Lilly sighed as she was pushed up a ramp in the trolley, the wool glued on to her itching something fierce. Surrounding her were four Sheep and Goat Girls, likely from the park’s petting zoo. She was almost sure that this treatment was illegal, but the gag around her mouth kept her from complaining… although the others seemed to bleat just fine through theirs.

She couldn’t eve

The throat pressed tight on Zoe as it squeezed her down, deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast. The clothes she wore that weren’t torn to tatters in the maw of that… thing were completely soaked through with saliva.

At the end of her long, hello she decent, she squeezed into the monster’s stomach. While not as tight as the throat, she couldn’t find it in herself

don’t we just get one of the girls in back to do it?” The woman
asked, trying to find the best place to get a grip on the log that
had fallen in the middle of the back country road.
know why. Regina wants them moving around as little as possible. Do
you want tough meat for the party?” The other girl said, annoyed
after spending the better part of the night gathering the girls from
a dozen of their peers.
just one log! Regina wants to use them as servants when we get

Humans… Mouse Girls
were more clever, Lamias were more dexterous, Harpies were better
hunters, the Fairies had magic, and Dridders were better craftsmen…
Put simply, the humans didn’t have a place in their own world.
Which is why it was so
kind of their masters to carve out little niches for them.
Pets, tools, servants,
toys, food… Even after centuries of excelling at these roles, their
refusal that they were more than property was baffling.
“I just don’t
understand you… You get to

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