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Scary Clown"Sooooo... are you two... you know... and I mean, EVERYONE is all curious and everything, but the way I see, it's about time someone asks y'all this, but are you two for real related? Like, are you cousins or something?"Margarite had been terribly curious about the two since they moved in to town to be closer to the community college. A solitary walk home from her crappy part-time job seemed an innocent enough time to call a friend and get the latest, especially if it meant cracking

of the Grand Pelicans
4 Prelude: Lost Dog-----
You! Bird lady!" shouted the lifeguard as Laurie arrived at
the public beach where Marquess and Empress were known to loiter,
collecting food handouts.
on the weekends, people laughed at her because of the frequent show
of needing to aggressively chase off Empress and then more than
likely end up swallowed by Marqui, only to be dumped back on top of
her tent minutes later. From the lifeguard's expressi

of the Grand Pelicans
3: Sunny Fat Beach-----
by Apex)
were beaches aplenty in the area, but they were all either open to
the public, or closed to everybody. Beth needed a stretch of beach
to herself. Everyone else could use the beach any time they wanted,
but not her.
school, she was harassed with the name "Betty Boobs", and
she very well fit the mean nickname. Like the cartoon reference, she
had big dark, innocent eyes. She also had dark hair,

of the Grand Pelicans
2: Pelican Problems, The Royal, the Jester and the Guard-----
food attracts scavengers, be they insects, rodents or birds.
food can attract bold opportunists, which can create conflicts.
of all, giving food to animals in the wild creates problems.
the borders of the Grand Pelican Estuary, those very issues were
drawing attention, and while the grand pelicans were terrifying at
first, after a while, the public began to realiz

April's Fool
sex, brutalizing, biting, harm, domination, feral, vore,
lounged on her scrappy old sofa, or, at least, what was left of it,
massaging and tickling her very full belly.
once, she was thinking, and that in and of itself was a wonder.
had been a troublemaker from the day they met, that first evening of
night school. Since it was a collection of misfits, dropouts, rehabs
and others whom never finished regular school, there were ple

Dream of a Soft Predatory Dinosaur
Last night, I had a dream that was about vore. Since I'm posting this here, it would be natural to think it was a fun dream, but for me, at the time, it was scary. I fancy the idea, but to have it happen for real would be too frightening.
I know this is a fantasy, and a warped one at that, which is why I enjoy it only here.
To see it happen myself, it was terrifying.
Maybe it was because we were watching an old tape (haha, a video tape, how quaint)

Slow Predator
paralysis, palatalization, hypnosis, soft vore, slug, snail, cone
snail, mouse, mice, fatal
1: Spitting Image-----
no! No, no, no, no, no, no! Those are DANGEROUS! I'm getting out
of here!"
cast Patches a disdainful sneer as the opposite mouse panicked, ready
to bolt before even bothering to see what happened.
taunted, "Slugs? They're slow as all getup!"
I heard they can hypnotize you," Patches reb

Perfect Lure
- - - - - - - - -
had just started for the year and Bradley felt strange not having to
go back, wasting mind-numbing days on books, homework and tests. Pa
was on him to find a job, but then Pa himself couldn't ever keep a
steady job, which is why they lived in this forsaken backwater dump
for all these years. Rent was low because nobody wanted to live
here. With practically no jobs to be had, the residents were a
collection of old-timers and folk who couldn't afford

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Tassie's Blog - New year, old problems Posted 5 months ago

Well, 2021 has been here for more than a month now, and honestly, it still feels like I'm living in a broken horror movie.
There's all sorts of scary deadly horrible things going on everywhere, but it hasn't happened here, not yet.
I feel like throwing away all the masks and screaming, just kill me or leave me alone!
There's one guy I went to school with one one girl I knew back home and they're gone now, and there's a few other people I knew from before I moved here, and they got the virus, but they're pretty much OK. One old lady I work with got it last week, so we're all freaked out about it, sort of, but at the same time, CoronaVirus has long since worn out its novelty, to say nothing of its welcome.

I feel stressed, and homeschooling is taking a lot of...
[ Continued ... ]

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