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Dream of a Soft Predatory Dinosaur
Last night, I had a dream that was about vore. Since I'm posting this here, it would be natural to think it was a fun dream, but for me, at the time, it was scary. I fancy the idea, but to have it happen for real would be too frightening.
I know this is a fantasy, and a warped one at that, which is why I enjoy it only here.
To see it happen myself, it was terrifying.
Maybe it was because we were watching an old tape (haha, a video tape, how quaint)

Slow Predator
paralysis, palatalization, hypnosis, soft vore, slug, snail, cone
snail, mouse, mice, fatal
1: Spitting Image-----
no! No, no, no, no, no, no! Those are DANGEROUS! I'm getting out
of here!"
cast Patches a disdainful sneer as the opposite mouse panicked, ready
to bolt before even bothering to see what happened.
taunted, "Slugs? They're slow as all getup!"
I heard they can hypnotize you," Patches reb

Perfect Lure
- - - - - - - - -
had just started for the year and Bradley felt strange not having to
go back, wasting mind-numbing days on books, homework and tests. Pa
was on him to find a job, but then Pa himself couldn't ever keep a
steady job, which is why they lived in this forsaken backwater dump
for all these years. Rent was low because nobody wanted to live
here. With practically no jobs to be had, the residents were a
collection of old-timers and folk who couldn't afford

Awareness Day
her throat and pretending her best to put feeling into a speech which
she was clearly reading, probably for the first time, a nasally
middle-aged lady spoke too loudly into a cheap PA system that did
little more than make her sound even more stiff and artificial. She
addressed the crowd of a hundred or so, "I want to thank you all
on behalf of the Urban Reconciliation - Pensacola Refuge and Estuary
Youthgroup, for making th

- - - - - - - - -
had started to notice Mikey. He had always been the scrawny little
boy next burrow over, friendly and companionable, but things started
to change lately. While lean times and strong competition for good
food had all the other mouse-people looking far and wide for anything
to eat, Mikey had been putting on weight, looking energetic and
healthy. He was younger than Neomi, but what difference does age
matter to a rodent? At first she was pleased that she had

Feral, Soft Vore, Natural
Order, Love
-----Chapter 1: The Hunt
is Afoot-----
A small dusty-tan rabbit
stood up and surveyed woodland. Close to the rabbit den, grazing was
always safer, but in the harsh winter months, the only place to find
anything to eat was farther away. Wary and insecure, his tall ears
took in the sounds of the wind in the scattered trees.
Rabbits are food, and this
one knew that everything larger than him would gladly take an unwary
rabbit for a meal, but h

of the Grand Pelicans
1: Pest Control-----
or 'Laurie', as she preferred, made her own home in the protected
estuary of the Grand Pelicans, living full-time among them for a
number of reasons. The wages were dismal, but without having to pay
for proper housing, she learned to make herself comfortable in
accommodations akin to camping. It was also her first big assignment
as a naturalist, meaning that success could possibly find her
promoted in scientific circles,

of the Grand Pelicans
0: Aftermath-----
the day was out, video of Rose being swallowed whole and alive by a
Grand Pelican was publicly available, the commentary of an hysterical
naturalist capturing even more attention than Rose's gorgeous curves.
With the media's shocking headline-grabbing sensationalism, fiction
spread ridiculously faster than the factual truth possibly could.
that same day, Queen regurgitated Rose into a dugout bowl shape
depression in the sa

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I'm so sorry everyone.
This past year has been overwhelming, with schools, moving again, working a lot of hours and just life. Bury that under a year-end series of disasters, and I feels as though I haven't accomplished anything. This has to be one of the least happy years of my life, even with my little family around me, I feel like everything was going wrong.

I lost my job in the summer, and had to settle for one with worse hours. Then my old home was nearly wiped off the map, and I know there was nothing I could have done if I was there, but I felt like I should have been there to help. I know there wasn't anything I could do, but just being there for old friends and neighbors. I probably would have just been another person in trouble, but I still feel horrible about not being...
[ Continued ... ]

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