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Zootopia Fan Fiction, Prey Trafficking: Chapter Four
(Reading the first chapter will help with story setup)
Bad Times
Part 1: Hard Cases (Warning: Hard vore, blood, gore, death, disemboweling)
Kandi could tell when things were going wrong and this was going to be one of those times. Their victim was still in contact with her family, and to keep her from blowing their cover, Old Gordo offered her a ton of cash and let her write a sort of 'suicide note' to her family. Their 'clients', a group o

Zootopia Fan Fiction: Chapter Three
(Reading the first chapter will help with story setup)
Good Times
Kandi had become so accustomed to being on alert, always on the lookout for trouble, when there wasn't any trouble to be found, it left her feeling uneasy and vulnerable since she had nothing to keep wary of. Keeping eyes and ears open for someone suggestible or finding a nobody whom nobody would miss when they were abducted came with all manner of risks, but at least they were known risks.

Zootopia Fan Fiction: Chapter Two(Reading the first chapter will help with story setup)One Person's Junkie is Another's TreasureKandice stood in the hallway of a run-down apartment building and knocked on a door. The place stunk of urine despite the overwhelming smells of harsh industrial cleansers, mothballs and some irritating foreign cooking ingredient that Kandi couldn't quite identify. It was the perfect place for a stranger of most any species selling worn old furniture to be casually ig

Zootopia Fan Fiction: Chapter 1Officially In Too DeepZootopia!The place where money is there for the taking because good jobs and beautiful, affordable homes are always plentiful. Predators and prey live in perfect harmony. Happiness is infectious and impossible to dodge because there's no problem that can't be solved with the help of your trusty friends, good intentions in your heart and singing a sappy song.The catch-line, "In Zooptopia, anyone can be anything they want to be," had always at

Clearing the Br'er Patch
Rabbits survive by being fast and by being tricky. With an early autumn rain churning the ground to mush, 'fast' quickly turned into 'slippery', which left Bramble to rely on trickery to keep him safe. That's why he was sharing this story with the other rabbits in the big warren under the brier patch.
When he met Sundew, a big, strong lovely bunny-doe from another warren, she told him the story of how their warren survived. There was this mean and evil bear and a crue

Scary Clown"Sooooo... are you two... you know... and I mean, EVERYONE is all curious and everything, but the way I see, it's about time someone asks y'all this, but are you two for real related? Like, are you cousins or something?"Margarite had been terribly curious about the two since they moved in to town to be closer to the community college. A solitary walk home from her crappy part-time job seemed an innocent enough time to call a friend and get the latest, especially if it meant cracking

of the Grand Pelicans
4 Prelude: Lost Dog-----
You! Bird lady!" shouted the lifeguard as Laurie arrived at
the public beach where Marquess and Empress were known to loiter,
collecting food handouts.
on the weekends, people laughed at her because of the frequent show
of needing to aggressively chase off Empress and then more than
likely end up swallowed by Marqui, only to be dumped back on top of
her tent minutes later. From the lifeguard's expressi

of the Grand Pelicans
3: Sunny Fat Beach-----
by Apex)
were beaches aplenty in the area, but they were all either open to
the public, or closed to everybody. Beth needed a stretch of beach
to herself. Everyone else could use the beach any time they wanted,
but not her.
school, she was harassed with the name "Betty Boobs", and
she very well fit the mean nickname. Like the cartoon reference, she
had big dark, innocent eyes. She also had dark hair,

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Tassie's Blog - Internet Problems Posted 5 months ago

God, seriously, I am not any sort of Einstein or whatever, but am I the ONLY Person whom knows how the internet works?

I just, I can't even. Honestly, I may be offline for a few days, weeks or even months because SOMEONE doesn't understand that streaming services like Netflix still need the INTERNET to work!

Damn, and I have to go to work and everything tomorrow. This is so not fair!

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