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[The Caiten and Kirtain aliens return. This one features Rainbow, a human teenage girl who was captured by a Caiten named Cocoa and processed. The raw materials were used to make another Caiten, but somehow Rainbow retained her memories despite being an alien clone now. Horrified at what she had become, she swore she'd never use her new body to "process" anyone. Unfortunately, her old life interferes and she discovers that such promises might not be possible to keep when your ex-boyfr

Wolf seeks a safe place to sleep the night. A dragoness' cave turns
out not to be the best choice. Special thanks to Sev's player for
letting me post this. It's been a while since I've played much and
this ended up becoming a memorable reintroduction. FYI: Log does
contain attribute theft themes. (Contains: H/M, Cockvore, Attribute
Theris Nakala peers into the cave mouth.
Sevannal has a cave. It's dark. The entrance is a bit musty, and
splotches of white can be seen

[A uncommon reversal, the deviously evil Summer is the one who gets in over her head for once. A spontaneous roleplay that starts out goofy and becomes more serious, this seems to be how we end up doing this stuff. Thanks to the Delicious Reaverbot for letting me post it! - Contains: M/F, Cockvore, cum digestion, human, condom]
Erik: *He pokes his head into the room.* Heya.
Summer: *She looks up from her stuff* Heyoooooooooooooooooo!
Erik: *With a wink and a grin,

[A fellow visits his old friend and the visit devolves into sexy times... and then betrayal of the Cockvore sort. This was a playful chat that turned into something naughty indeed. Thanks to the amazing Reaverbot for letting me post it! - Contains: H/M, Cockvore, Tittyfuck, Cum Digestion]
Terris: *He sticks his head into his friend's room as he often does.* YO!
Summer: *She doesn't even look up at you, continuing to focus on what she's doing* Hey there.

log was done a couple years ago. A rare CTF scene and the only one
I’ve done to date. I rediscovered it today and realized that though
the player had said I could post it, I never got around to it. I
encountered her again and she told me to go for it, so here it is!
(M/F, Dom/Sub, Cock Transformation)]
[Leilana_Aldridge -> Terris] Leilana hums as she goes around
cleaning, working hard to make sure the master's home shines bright.
The canine had been in a terrible accident, na

This was started some time ago at the request of a friend who
expressed interest in the background of the universe I created in
order to place the notorious cockvoring/sheathvoring aliens known as
the Kirtain. Being a bit of a sci-fi fan and one with a smidgen of
imagination, the background flowed from there.
document may be expanded on in the future and there will be an
additional document describing the Kirtain and Caiten themselves
Kirtain/Caiten Mythology

[A bounty hunter in pursuit of a criminal makes camp in the woods and meets Shahar, a strange predator from the realm of dreams. Special thanks to her player for letting me post it. It is rare I get to play with players who write as competently and elegantly as Shahar does. - Contains: F/M, Spider, absorption, shapeshifter, slime, soul vore.]
[Terris -> Shahar] He'd left the main road to follow the dirt track that wound through the trees about a day ago. His quarry had left the road b

[This is an older log made up of multiple scenes that I joined together to make one long log. It was played several years ago and took a long time to edit. A nympho fox propositions a wolf and gets more than she anticipated. But at the end of it all, there seems to have been more than one nympho nearby. Special thanks to her player for letting me post it. - Contains: M/F, Cat, Fox, Wolf, Oral Sex, Cock Vore, Dirty Talk, Digestion]
TerrisThreads: "Heya hotness." The wolf

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Terris' Blog - New logs Posted 6 years ago

New is a relative term. But I posted a couple things I had laying around. Two up. One more to come in a day or two after editing. I occasionally dabble, but I'm still mostly retired. :) Any herms want to tempt me to come back, say hi. ;)

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Posted by grz01 5 years ago Report

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Your Cock vore stories definately :-)


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 5 years ago Report

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Ha, 'course~!

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Posted by ErRynArya 6 years ago Report

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I use Skype or PMs because i do all my rping from my phone, my computer took a shit on me a while back and until i get the money for a new one, im stuck with my phone


Posted by ErRynArya 6 years ago Report

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I love to do CV threads with my precious babs, so if you want a partner all you have to do is ask me and I'll gladly help give you heaps of RPs to add to the pile ;)


Posted by ErRynArya 6 years ago Report

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I only see something i like every time i visit your blog to re read that story ;)


Posted by acex007 7 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 8 years ago Report

Have been poking hereabouts since the years I'd spent lurking - have always been a fan of your work, to whatever ends. Was honestly surprised I hadn't watched when I'd created my account here - decidedly fixed. Was too used to just looking in on whim.

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Posted by acerok 8 years ago Report

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Thanks =)


Posted by Ome 8 years ago Report

thanks for the fav!

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Posted by GiveItAName 9 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave!


Posted by Kailindrea 9 years ago Report

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Hey Terris, Im not sure if your still around, but if you are send me a shout.


Posted by Evilpancake 9 years ago Report

thanks for the favs!

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