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I'm a full time artist, and part time writer/game designer for the denizens of this site. I make my living off of making smut for you wonderful people, and look forward to doing so for the foreseeable future!

My patreon is at:

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As a quick update, I've made two major changes to my patreon page:

1.) Time slot steams are now handled through my Patreon. My time slot streams are 4 hour blocks that I offer, during which I do art for the client for the entire duration. These streams have now been added to the $50 Elite Tier, and the $100 Overlord Tier (for two 4 hour streams)

2.) I've removed the limit on Overlord slots. Previously, I had limited myself to only four Overlord positions. However, that was back during a time where my confidence in my skills as an artist were not what they are now. Now I am pretty sure that I can take the work load that multiple Overlords would entail.

In other news, I'm only $30 away from hitting my final Patreon reward tier, in which I'll do my best to releases an update of some sort...
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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 days ago

10/10 best artist.

Makes all women EXTRA T H I C C i n t h e c o m p u t e r

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Posted by b5n 4 days ago

hello i recently play you larapha rpg game here a critic of the game so lets go :

positive point : the idea of eating more bigger prey each time is really cool, the dialog and description are hot and i like the story

negative point (for me ): i foind da game a bit hard because of the not real explenation and i got lost more than one time, the fact tha when you eat someone or someting we don't see the belly at least picture at least would be cool because you do really cool draw


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 9 days ago

Howdy! I'm a big fan of yours, and as I looked through your stuff I noticed an old thing about you doing War Thunder streams. Do you still play WT?

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Posted by starqueenlex 3 months ago



Posted by zachx88 5 months ago

Hope U have a Very Merry Christmas!!!


Posted by Kyubee 7 months ago

all your art is amazing. I swear, I find you everywhere~

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Posted by vegeta002 8 months ago

Do you redo YCH's every so often or make a new one each time?

Just asking because a few of them I like, but missed.


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 11 months ago

(For RP standpoint) So, seeming to be the only demonlord around here.. Umm.. What are ur thoughts on Doomguy returning? (Have you seen the new DOOM™ 4 yet?)


Posted by SexyLover360 1 year ago

Hope you continue to make more artwork


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago

Have i ever said how much i love your artwork <3

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Posted by Wolfhound9 1 year ago

u doing the roplay stuff?


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago

Loved the Iron Artist posts, they were great

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