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Greetings! I'm a professional writer who enjoys vore and uploads stories occasionally. Don't be a stranger, drop a shout if you like my work. I'm friendly, I promise.

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Dollhouse“So here we are. Isn’t this just… quaint.” Darien said, looking past his date and out the car window to the house beyond. Shiny off-white siding with a perfect pitched roof, and two rows of two pink-trimmed windows on both floors. The inviting double doors were flanked by old-fashioned oil lamps, illuminating the pearlescent facade. “Something out of a fairy tale, I swear.” He said with a stifled laugh as the uncanny quality of the building settled over him. He looked back t

Succs for You Damen held the ruby vial up to the light of the candelabra, swirling the deeper and duller red liquid inside. He inhaled deep and uncorked the vial. Walking in a slow and measured circle around the center of the room, he exhaled while intoning the foreign words and marking the perimeter with the contents of the vial. He released the last of his breath, along with the last word and the last drop of liquid, just as he came back to where he had started. He crushed the now empty v

Official Research MemoOFFICIAL RESEARCH MEMO OF LEAD RESEARCHER SALLAM - “PROJECT PETFOOD”UNIVERSAL DATE 250801:1936 - “PROJECT PETFOOD” APPROVEDToday, the Board informed me that I am being granted access to the female human subject from Senior Researcher Lieve’s testing. The subject was lab-grown, so they should prove invaluable in eliminating confounding variables for my experiments. I am to use the subject, whom staff have affectionately nicknamed “Boall,” to investigate the int

Childe's Play: Alternative End“Alright, what do you say we head back to my place, before they have to -- Hic...! Before they have to open here?” Thoma suggested, slamming down his drinking cup on the table with a heavy thud. Tartaglia laughed and almost fell backwards into the screen door, saving himself by holding onto the edge and hoisting himself back up.He found himself inches away from Thoma’s face, and met it with a dopey grin. “Okay! Now that I think about it, I don’t believe yo

Entrapta’s Hungry Hair “Oof! Glimmer, are you okay?” Adora shouted as she collided feet-first into the steel bars lying in wait at the bottom of the chute. She stood up and looked for Glimmer, who was splayed out with her face pressed against the cage they both found themselves in. “Yeah, I’m fine, but where’s Bow?” She replied, looking around their new space until she realized they had fallen into another room. “Well, we have to find him, right?” “Oh no, he’

Yes MistressLady Marie: A tall young woman with striking red hair that she typically keeps tied back with a bow. Wears a striking purple dress with black trim, as well as voluminous sleeves, and a low neckline that draws attention to her large cleavage. Her piercing blue eyes are no less enchanting, and she conducts herself in a commanding and alluring manner. She openly teases her maids, but nobody knows the true extent of it behind closed doors.Maid Cecil: A mature woman of average build, who

Rudy Creams Kim PossibleRudy stepped out from the portal onto the concrete street he had seen through it. Dressed in a red hoodie, he ducked behind a roadside sign to pull his hood up and take a peek at the yellow busses parked in the giant lot across the street. “There’s my ticket!” He said to himself, looking down both sides of the street before crossing over and walking up to the closest bus. “With this, I can lead them right to me.” He thought aloud. He turned back around, the road

Childe’s PlayTartaglia leaned against a post on the side of the busy street, finding a spot away from the hawkers’ stands and carts to hear his own thoughts. “Hmmm, should I accept his invitation? So brazen… I think I might have to, if I want to uphold my reputation.” He said to himself. He ruffled his hair and shrugged. The Sun had long since set over the island of Inazuma, and the Commercial Street of Tenryou was lit up in equal measure by lanterns and the beaming faces of vendors an

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TheKawaiiCommie's Blog - Another Update Posted 2 weeks ago

Hello people of Eka’s. As the much beloved 8/8 is rapidly approaching, and I will soon afterwards become very busy with matters outside of Eka’s, I promise to be productive this month. I have a story I made as a break from more serious projects, combining the suggestion of several peers and incorporating some elements I enjoy but rarely see. I will upload that very soon. I also still intend to publish Chapter 5, only that it has been emotionally taxing to work on such large undertakings in the past few months. I believe I am in a good place to revisit it now, though. Finally, the collaboration project is still underway. Expect a sleu of uploads in August before possibly petering out in September. Thank you to all my readers for your continued interest and support.

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