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Greetings! I joined the portal a couple of years ago and am somewhat new to vore, but I always enjoy seeing new lovely pieces and faces pop up. Don't be a stranger, drop a shout if you like my work or a PM if you want to inquire about a story commission. I'm friendly, I promise. (I do not roleplay.)

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Slimy Snake Shenanigans (and Other Odd Occurrences)Drewie slicked his dark bangs, feeling sweat fall from his brow as he wrung his hair out. “Damn, I overdressed again.” He said, tilting his head away from the Sun and over to Brenia. Forest surrounded them on both sides, but there was no canopy cover to be had.“Hehe, you sure did. It’s a scorcher today, silly.” She said, squeezing the clammy hand intertwined with her own woody tendrils. She used another mass of branches to part her pea

Spring has Sprung!“Adrian, can you stay after work and do the inventory and delivery yourself tonight?” The owner asked, flipping the sign over the glass door around so that it displayed ‘OPEN!’ only to Adrian and himself. “Oh, sure. I don’t really have anything else tonight. How about you?” Adrian asked in return, lifting his head up from behind the counter to see the owner heading out the door.“I’ve got to go, have a date with the wife.” He said, closing the door behind him

Lady and the VampEDITOR’S FOREWORD:  This work is a transcription of recovered snippets from a young noblewoman’s diary. They have been transcribed, verbatim, preserving minor errors with correction and other notes in parenthesis. In the interest of full disclosure: much of the journal has been so worn by time, and evidently frequent use by its owner, that it was nearly lost in its entirety. Only after great consideration, and many iterations, has this final presentation been chosen for

Taking From Tiki “Ow! Fuck!” You shout as you feel your head crash against the ancient stones of the temple floor. Flattened beneath the girl who had fallen right on top of you ass-first, you struggle to find your senses with your face encased in an ample derriere.“Oh! Ever-so-sorry!” She says, your head still stuck between her cheeks. You smell her skin as your nose pokes past the bare flap covering her ass, sweet as honey. You would be in heaven, if not knocking at its door from t

Cowrie’s Birthday MealCowrie perched atop a tree off the gravel path, scanning a signpost stuck between the stones at a fork down the road. Large colorful letters were easy to read even a mile off: The Carnival is Coming to Town! Only one event listed below caught her golden eagle eyes, which wandered down to fresh dirt furrowed around the site where the sign had been stuck in. She slipped into her natural form, sitting with her tail wrapped around a high branch. “Free entry all-day for the

Blake Gets Chewed OutBlake wicked a bead of sweat from his black bangs. He peered over his shoulder at the spiral stairwell he had just ascended. Clattering, tinny footfalls reverberated through the wrought-iron steps, over distant shouting growing nearer. He looked about the room, eyes flickering from spot to spot as panic mounted. Blake hopped behind the canopy of the princess’ bed, cursing as he became entangled in the gauzy curtains. Desperately incanting magic words, he slurred over the l

(M)aking / (F)ood with Foxy Friends You fit the key into the lock and turn, relieved to hear it click. You once again pocket the overstuffed key ring. It jingles, muffled by the suede lining as it resettles into your pants pocket while you swing the door open with a grand motion. “Senko, I’m home!” You say. Senko is not there to greet you like usual. You slip your shoes off, setting them by the door and changing into indoor slippers. The cool plush on your tired feet feels good.

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Thank you to everyone who has continued to engage with my uploads this past month. I have accepted several commissions, but closed them for now so as to not get in over my head. I will continue to upload stories this month on Fridays, but am out of finished stories, so uploads may be less regular. Between commissions, and Chapter 5 of In Pursuit of The Truth, I should be quite busy! I may also do some smaller personal stories and upload them at some point, but that remains to be seen. I’ll post another announcement when I’m open for commission again, but that might not be for a while.

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You are ever so welcome! :) ;)


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Adding to my to-read pile, though I hope to enjoy them soon!
I see you around quite often and look up to you to some degree, your watch means a lot to me in turn!

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And Your Welcome again !


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Your Welcome !


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Thanks for the watch!


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I’m sure I will, I hope you enjoy the stuff I post, too!


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Happy to give it! I should read more of your stuff lol


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You’re welcome!
I enjoyed your take on storytelling, especially the longer one


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No problem. I really enjoyed reading it :D

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