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she was nervous about this! Her friends had managed to convince her
to come to this party, but that wasn’t the only thing they were
pressuring her into doing. Currently, Tessa was standing in a closet,
dimly lit by a small flashlight, and waiting for her ‘partner’.
It was some variant of ‘7 minutes in heaven’, where two people
were locked into a room, and expected to kiss, or make out, or
something even lewder. She didn’t know who her partner would be,
but she was nervous and ex

steady *beep* *beep* *beep* of the microwave drew Kara’s attention
away from her phone as the last few pops of popcorn sounded. She
quickly pocketed her phone and grabbed the bag, wincing as she opened
it and a burst of hot steam scalded her finger tip. “Ouch!” she
said, even as she dumped the contents of the bag into a large bowl.
She grabbed two beers from the fridge and made her way back to the
living room, sidling up next to her handsome, furry boyfriend.
was movie night, and K

through Cirdan’s thick winter fur and jacket, the weather was
chilling. Breeze biting through and leaching the heat from his body.
He shivered heavily and crossed his arms. Only another block until he
was back in his home, but until then he was freezing. He shoved his
hands deep into his pockets and picked up his pace. It was dark, and
there weren’t many others crazy enough to be outside in this sort
of weather. Cirdan certainly wished he wasn’t.
seemed to take far too long before

had been a long day for two particular lovers, Felix and Anna. The
day had been quite warm, but now that the sun was setting, a biting,
chilly nip had begun to seep past their light clothes. Wind seemingly
creeping into all the cracks and crevices of their coverings until
both were shivering. They had come out here, deep into the forest to
go camping. Both of them wanting to get away from modern stressors
and recharge their batteries with a few nights under the stars.
I’m cold.

It had been a long day. A long few days in fact. Covering many miles on foot through rough terrain and while wearing armor, not to mention a hefty great sword and supplies for many days of travel

was tiring

. At the very least he didn’t need to bring much food, since he could hunt for himself well enough. That didn’t matter much now however, as he finally made his way into a

small tow

flapped through the air, her leathery wings snapping in the light
breeze as she ventured far out of her territory. She was in heat, and
the burning need
to mate was upon her again filling her with dirty thoughts and nearly
insatiable lust for a proper male. She was by no means a large
dragon. No, simply an average sized on, big enough to swallow a horse
and a few humans if she was feeling particularly gluttonous, and
strong enough to have relative ease with those who wished to slay
her. Her

“Oh wow, I-i did it.” said Hiccup
in disbelief. “Oh I did it!” he exclaimed triumphantly. “This
fixes everything! Yes! I have brought down this mighty bea…” but
his joy was interrupted by a low grumble from the restrained
Nightfury. Hiccup jumped back in surprise, fear filling him as he saw
that the powerful dragon was still alive. He raised his dagger, but
it seemed too small to do any real damage. Thankfully for the small
viking, it seemed that either the dragon was too hurt to t

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