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The Carter Family Market
-an RP with Beth, adapted into 2nd-person fiction by Random Dragon
[3 / 3]
In the morning your father wakes, showers, and dresses before he rattles your cage to wake you up. “Get up, girl,” he says as he pulls you out of the cage. “One more day and it’ll all be over after this.”
He doesn’t let you dress this time — you ride naked in the car, deciding to leave your phone behind due to having nowhere to store it and not really want

The Carter Family Market
-an RP with Beth, adapted into 2nd-person fiction by Random Dragon
[2 / 3]
With your break over, you make your way back out to stand naked in the entrance of your family’s store. Things get into a flow and, in a macabre revelation, you become aware that you are selling the shit out of girlmeat right now! Customers grope and fondle, some more timid than others, some straight-up plunging your cunt, some with complete indifference to you -- even a select few who seem

The Carter Family Market

-an RP with Beth, adapted into 2nd-person fiction by Random Dragon

[1 / 3]

Beloved in your hometown ever since your grandfather started it himself, it has survived gentrification and the encroachment of Wal-Marts and Targets by embedding itself into as many aspects of the

The Beautiful Betrayal of Baked Beth

-an RP with Beth, adapted into 2nd-person fiction by Random Dragon

Your boyfriend Mark texts you while you’re at work, a few hours before quitting time.
“I’m planning a very special dinner tonight, baby. Can you swing by the grocery and grab


-RP with an anonymous muse

-Adapted into 2nd-person fiction by Random Dragon

[All characters are at least Seniors in high school, near graduation, and are aged 18+]

You arrive at school on a rai


By Random Dragon

“Oh, shit!” Mrs. Sutton exclaimed, throwing her arms up. She sighed heavily as she surveyed the ingredients laid out on the counter.

“What’s wrong, mom?” Jennifer asked, entering the kitchen to toss an empty Coke in the

Sean Holcomb always loved feeding day.
When he wasn’t busy attending to any number of Lady Kimret’s
needs, he was looking forward to feeding day. Not only was it
actually pretty fun but it further cemented his position as his
mistress’ favorite servant. Unless that two-faced bitch Ginger
found some new and exciting way to undermine him in front of Lady
Kim. That wouldn’t be a concern today, though, as the bimbo was
stuck writing correspondence fo

Chapter 2
“I still don’t see why we’d
bring Krista but leave Marisa behind,” David spoke in hushed tones,
anxiously tugging his gray cloak around him whenever the breeze
caught it.
“It doesn’t matter who you are in
this city, you do not leave your estate unattended for even a
moment.” Temruul replied softly, eyeing the small throng in front
of them for eavesdroppers. The line they waited in moved every so
often towards the high iron gates before them. Two drah

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More Erinystial

By Shyguy9

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Hi everyone,

First and foremost, I want to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has ever wasted their time reading my stories. I've always written the ridiculously specific fetish erotica I wanted to see in the world and I'm incredibly humbled and gratified to know there are other people who enjoy my horny scribblings. I'm acutely aware that I'm not the most vocal or socially active person (sorry!) but I'll never be able to express how much you all mean to me. Y'all have validated me in a way that a hundred shrinks, sisters and spouses couldn't match.

In any case, I'm working my way through my old catalog of stories and 'remastering' them - bringing them into modern file formats which should hopefully look and read much better than the ancient .txt files...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Leindurstit 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To TheRealRD

(Six-years later)

No problem. : )

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Posted by slickwick45 7 years ago Report

Wow just found your stories. Seems I'm not the only one who started with these. The Food Chain was in the first set of stories I had ever read back when Vor-Com was still pretty big.


Posted by banzai 7 years ago Report

Wow, you're back :) I remember reading your stuff way back in the day.

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Posted by Jahan 7 years ago Report

Oh my goodness. Gradschool'd caused me to forget these stories, but here they are! These were some of my first stories I found and read-and probably caused me to try my hand at writing, much later. Thank you for posting these!


Posted by straightup2006 7 years ago Report

My God, I read these ages ago--only half way through The Food Chain (2) did I realize I've actually read your work before, but never remembered to save it. It must have been... jeez, when I started accepting that I had this fetish? Where else were these posted?

Thanks for re-posting them, and my thanks extends to those who managed to archive your work. It's absolutely superlative.


Posted by Stalbon 7 years ago Report

Glad to see you about and still doing well! You have my thanks for posting up your old works, as they are much enjoyed.


Posted by SirScotty 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To TheRealRD

It's nice to have closure, at the very least. You and Throat_Wolf were the very two first authors I ever read, over on the Mamabliss site. It's definitely nice to see you around after all this time. Welcome back!


Posted by SirScotty 7 years ago Report

Oh holy crap. The Food Chain was one of the very first vore stories I ever read, ever. I never got to read past part 8, but now it's HERE. Thank you so much!


Posted by TheRealRD 7 years ago Report

I'd like to give major props to a few people -- Cyrano and Leindurstit for being kind enough to save my stories for so long. You guys have done me a great service and I appreciate it.
And Shyguy9 -- not only my favorite artist but one of my biggest fans. You're awesome, buddy.

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