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     Toffee had to escape to the planet earth so that his daughter Olivia could go to school, to have a future and one day stand on her own two feet.Despite the fact that Toffee wanted to capture the Wand in which Star Butterfly had, he craved to have a semi perfect and normal life as well. So with his Hologram Mechanism he was capable of taking on the form of a human male to blend in with the rest of the civilization. It of course would also prevent Star and her friends

 There was a sound barely audible, but it was definitely the sound of a loud audience cheering and chanting. Louder and louder this noise becomes, and suddenly spotlights turn on, producing a blinding radiance and revealing a very attractive older woman, this woman being named Athena. Athena was tall and gorgeous, one of the most prized girls of the V Club. Athena was the star, the star of the entire show. She was the most beautiful of all the workers that the V Club, and most talented.

     Hiding in the darkest reaches of Skyrim, a Vampire Lord resided. Kroah was his name and he was one of the most infamous of all Vampire Lords in the realm. He was very infamous for sucking the life out of everyone that he encounters. But as of late, the Vampire Lord had to hide himself from the villagers and citizens of the various neighboring towns and cities.
    It was another small village that Kroah had found himself in this time. Snow was f

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     The wind blew and howled loudly throughout the landscape that surrounded Geralt. The Witcher stared with a blank expression, his scars upon his face stuck out above all other details on his rugged face The Witcher sighed heavily.
“Looks like rain, again.” The Witcher grumbled a small complaint to himself, if not to Roach his trusty mare. He patted the horse's neck gently as she nickered and raised her head up.

Cerulean City was one of the biggest of cities found in the Kanto Region. It was also home to one of the most infamous Pokemon in the world, not to mention the most powerful as well. Many trainers far and wide had come to the Cerulean City caves to find the strange Psychic Pokemon. But none of those trainers had come out the same or let alone at all. Many trainers have been reported missing after a week of being inside the cave.
Many trainers came and went but none could prevail against t

It was nearly midnight as a full moon risen into the scarlet dark sky. A cacophony of eventide sounds filled the forest from all corners. A fatigued traveler walked along the forest’s trail, monitoring the nightlife that surrounded him. The traveler was a handsome male in his mid thirties.
He had thick long red hair shoulder length, attractive brown eyes, and a very athletically toned body. He had thick biceps and a perfectly puffed out chest with a six pack worth of abs in his mids

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Hello Portal!

As you may have noticed I have three awesome stories up on my gallery! Right now I'm pondering over what I should post next. So far I have dipped my paws into anal, oral and even cock vore. What should be next? If you have any ideas of a theme for my next story, feel free to shoot them my way. PS I only do M/M homosexual based stories for my personal gallery so keep that in mind!

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Excuse me, was just wondering about commissions: Do you have any age-ranges that you'd prefer to/prefer not to write?

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