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Welcome to my Eka's Profile! C:

Feel free to contact me about anything of your wish! I love meeting new people! :3

-My goal here on Eka's is to show you guys my ideas. So feel free to copy my ideas and make your own situations. And if you draw it or something, please tell me so i can take a look at your version!-

lets just say that i am a Norwegian brony who got a huge interest in Vore. I cannot promise that i'll answer at once because of school, homework and the fact that i am hiding this channel for everyone, but i'll answer at once i get the chance! :3

And i prefer soft vore, especially accidental or Unaware for some reason.. Don't ask why *shrugs*

Oh! And before you goes to my gallery or leaves, i am open for request atm! Everything from comics (sketched) to vectors etc. Please check my commission Status before asking though! And if you need a pred, then feel free to ask my Vore Oc, i am very sure that she would love to meet you.. >:3

If i forgot anything, please tell me!

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Taking a tiny tiny break, learning human anatomy better

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So! Me and my girlfriend is leaving this frozen country to Italy!! C:
We will be there from Dec 17th to Dec 28th, so we will be away for awhile! But (From what i read) They have wifi connection there! So we will work a lot while we are there with some drawings and stories (She will work on her new book and I will continue on some of my request :3)
BUT! If they don't have free wifi or wifi at all.. Then i'll try to write a new journal telling ya c:

And on a side note.
Earlier today my dog Oskar attacked my little sister. She was sitting down in front of him, giving him a hug as usual, then he without warning jumped at her face and bit her chin and cheek, leaving deep bite marks in her face. So we decided that we have to take him out.. (Of course...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 3 years ago

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Pretty bad actually. Not just because no one pledged anything yet, but because Patreon users (especially those from the EU) might be threatened by some legal stuff, due to a new type of VAT tax online. I'm also not sure how far their TOS changes in regard to not allowing some NSFW stuff goes, and if it applies to things hosted off-site...

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Posted by Chrysaor 3 years ago

Ehooohhh, we are still waiting for more of you heeeeere *waves*!
Sayke: Come on, nosey, don't you think that blue sausage isn't under pressure enough?
Chris: But we are bored enough too, I need to bother someone x3! Squeak <=3!


Posted by FoxKai 4 years ago

thanks for the watch
Also are you from PT's stream?


Posted by justanothermeal 4 years ago

thanks for watching me


Posted by Umiriko 4 years ago

thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)


Posted by BanjoKey 4 years ago

Well I'm actually into the digestion process ^^#


Posted by BanjoKey 4 years ago

So... what exact parts of vore do you like?


Posted by xavxavong 5 years ago

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do u have a tumblr


Posted by ModNote 5 years ago

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*Giggles* Thank you! X3


Posted by TheUnknown 5 years ago

I'm back from holydays! Ready to draw some more vore for you guys!

Still working on some requests and idea, so please be patience ^w^

But still feel free to ask me anything! Requests, vore related questions are more than welcome! :3
I would love to meet some more people here, especially if they have something i can watch. Or if they could teach me some few things related to vore drawings.. cause i still have alot to learn D:

Oh well, i'll stopp babbling now! Have a nice week!


Posted by Sukanar 5 years ago

its done! i hope you like it!


Posted by alf949 5 years ago

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O fuck yea XD. Men der sim overasket meg var en norsk brony. At last. Yay

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