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Marinette Volunteers
After learning that this will be Adrien's first birthday without his mother, Marinette decides to do something special to make sure it's a happy one and volunteers to become the refreshments.
Tags: Miraculous Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Exhibitionism, Enthusiastic Consent, Cannibalism, Snuff, Food Porn, Complete.
All characters herein are 18 or older.
Adrien! Marinette called out after class to get the boy's attention. She'd always felt so n

Ami's Last A+Tags: Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno, Saeko Mizuno, Unwilling consent, Beheading, Butchering, Machine, Snuff, Cannibalism.
"I think you should test it."
Ami's eyes widened; her jaw dropping in shock at her mother's declaration.
"Mom?" the blue haired girl asked, looking back at her equally blue-haired mother in shock.
"You heard me dear," Ami's mother chided. "These people have given us such a lovely tour of their new facilities.

Caught Spying
it was, the Barn that Connie was disappearing into every day after
school. It was... strange. There was a Silo rising at an angle from a
hole in the side of the building, the loft had sprouted the back of a
pickup truck and the upper half of what was once a very plush chair
was rising from the roof. The whole atmosphere was less an
agricultural building and more like a strange sort of modern art
exhibit. Priyanka had no idea what her daughter was doing
disappearing t

as the Prize
Steven Universe, Connie Maheswaran, Peridot, Pearl, Spitting,
Cooking, Cannibalism, Snuff, Alien Lesbians, Contest Prize,
Semi-Reluctant Consent, Complete
challenge you!" That was the first warning Connie Maheswaran had
that her day wasn't going to be a normal day of Hanging at the beach
with her best friend Steven and his friends/guardians, the Crystal
No!" Pearl replied to the eager Peridot. "There's
absolutely no reason for me

Forbidden Cravings
Star Wars, Bariss Offee, Ahsoka Tano, Non-Fatal, Gynophagia, Female
circumcision, Cannibalism, F/F, Reluctant, Consensual, Complete
Characters in this Story are 18 Earth years or older.
looked up as the door to her Padawan Cell opened. A familiar
silhouette was revealed in the doorway. "Barriss! When did you
get back? You left without saying anything."
smiled ruefully as she stepped inside. "Sorry, I know we had
plans, but... Ma

Cheese-Filled TitsTags:
Sailor Moon, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno, Deep Frying,
Debreasting, piercing, Cheese injection, Semi-consensual,
Characters are 18 Years of age or older."And...
that's all?" Sailor Mars asked nervously, already disliking the
order that the customers she was serving at this charity maid cafe
had put in, but knowing that she needed to be polite and make sure
they were satisfied."Yes,
unless either of you girls have any suggestions?&quo

and Asami try some Breastmeat
Avatar: Legend of Korra, Asami Sato, Korra, Breast Cooking,
Non-Fatal, Consensual
characters in this story are 18 or over.
you sure you want to eat there?
Asami asked, incredulous.
am! Korra replied.
they cook girlmeat! Asami protested. And it's bring your own meat!
know, Korra replied, But we're on vacation right? We should try new
things! And I can't exactly ask some other girl to give up her meat
just so that we can have a fun and exot

a FanTags: 
Lady Bug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Cannibalism, Snuff, Enthusiastic
Consent, Oven Roasting, Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Public.All
characters in this story are 18 years or older.Marinette
smiled as she watched the latest episode of  Cook
a Fan 
Alya. The main dish was an absolutely scrumptious redhead with a
round rump and tits that looked like they were almost as large as
Marinette's head on the TV screen! Matinette wasn't actually fan of
the star t

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So for various reasons, Money is motivating me again, and I'm accepting commissions now.

Pricing at $20 per 1,000 words.

EDIT: NO longer accepting commissions.

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