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Chapter 2
A little while later Brad found himself sitting in the living room with his now Irish coffee. Looking down into the cup while his mind tried to process the events of the past few hours and how easily they had changed his life.
His return home from the pet store, his anniversary surprise, and the relationship ending turn of events that followed. Not to mention a valuable lesson in respecting animals you don't fully understand. It was quite a morning, and it was only like 10:23am.

at Home
by: The Sunrise Moose
Chapter 1
At 9:30 am
there was a knock on the door that stirred Brad from his sleep.
Grumbling to himself a bit under his breath, he slipped out of bed.
Slinging on his robe as he slowly makes his way across his dimly lit
first floor apartment to the front door. Undoing the series of locks,
without even bothering to look who it is he flings the door open.
Giving the delivery boy a bewildered glare as his eyes adjusted to
the early morning sunlight.

& Services
2 “A Tasteful Interview”
by: The Sunrise Moose

ready the following morning, Rez stopped at the mirror one last time
to check his appearance. After last night he wasn’t sure if there
was going to be any kind of dress code, so he just decided on a pair
of loose fitting jeans and a clean black t-shirt. His hair was still
in a state of complete disarray, but the just woke up look was still
in style so he just fluffed it a bit with his fingers. Wit

Goods & Services
Chapter 1 - ``A Good Opportunity''
Written by: The Sunrise Moose
Unemployment wasn't all it was cracked up to. Sure you could sleep in as much as you wanted, and catch up of hours of missed gaming, but once your cash flow ran out you were pretty much boned. Such was the case for Rezin Sheppard, a 22 year old college drop out living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Known by his friends as ``Rez'' the human boy lived in a small two bedroom apartment with a good friend from high

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So I was poking around the other day and remembered that I use to write things here. I was looking over my stories and no promises but it looks like I have a few ideas for the Trouble series I'm going to try and work out.

I have a chapter pretty much done that I'll have up in a little bit. No vore in it this time but we're building towards some really fun stuff. As long as I don't leave for several years that is. We'll see. Thanks for the support those who favorite and comment. I'll try not to disappoint.


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Oh, no problem! I was very impressed with the first chapter of your new story, Trouble :) And I really don't even go for female vore at all, but you made Shayna very attractive ;)


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