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The program recovered much off my old HDDs, and is at 95% complete on the 2nd HDD... but from the looks of it the 1 file i was hoping for is likely damaged (no new .psd files popped up in the last 6 hours). Out of all the .psd files that I checked, 2 of them (both very large files) were too corrupted to open :,(

While there is a sliver of a chance it is in the last 5%, it is likely that I will have to start all over on that pic. While I am disappointed on not getting that file back, it hasn't pushed me away from starting up again. I did recover a bunch of my .psd files from my works, which is still putting me in a much better mood than I have been in a LONG time.

Now I just hope I can get a remake of the Kylie's Nightmare pic done in-time for Halloween lol (...all those...
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Posted by psychoboy07 1 year ago

How goes it?


Posted by Baz 2 years ago

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Not my particular thing, but man, that's got to suck =(


Posted by Baz 2 years ago

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Oh, that' a shame!


Posted by Baz 2 years ago

Do you still have those old flash games? They were fun XD


Posted by Thunder 2 years ago

Since its not letting me post a new blog post, I'll post here.
I haven't forgotten and am trying to finish the pic right now. Due to the guy I was training to help me at work not showing up all week, I been having to stay extra at work all week.

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Posted by psychoboy07 3 years ago

Everything going well IRL?


Posted by Patton 3 years ago

what happened to those flash games you made. like the princess peach one?


Posted by grim667 4 years ago

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Quite welcome


Posted by blackrain 4 years ago

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Posted by mirrormind101 4 years ago

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your welcome

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Posted by Slash 4 years ago

Hey, Love your art, love your goth girls. :3


Posted by Sukanar 4 years ago

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youre welcome!

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