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I make things sometimes. Mainly F/F and M/F same size stuff.

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A plaintive sigh left Forrest’s rosy lips as he once again sat alone in his room, wearing naught but his old pair of baggy Troubadour trousers. It had been about a week since he had…well, for lack of more eloquent terms, swallowed and digested his buxom aunt Camilla. All that remained of her at this point were the luscious curves she added to Forrest’s body. And as much as the cute Troubadour loved how tight his precious auntie made h


Valentine’s Day. Just the mention of those words had an equal chance of inciting love-struck, dreamy joy or the most hateful scorn imaginable in any given person.

Even if someone wouldn’t associate the holiday with its intended emotion, the 14


of February seemed to be able to stir some kind of emotional response in them, b

The loud grumble of Ilyana’s hungry stomach could have been easily
mistaken for some wild animal as she slipped through the night. It
had only been a few hours since dinnertime with her new employers,
the Greil Mercenaries, and yet her body was crying out for more, in
spite of the heartier portion provided. Working for Greil’s force
was certainly a step up from what she was provided with by her Daein
taskmasters, but the poor, starving mage still felt faint from
hunger. At

Forrest stepped back
from his creation with a sigh. Just a few days ago, his aunt, Lady
Corrin, had unlocked his power with a Master Seal, and he was feeling
more energetic and inspired than ever before in his life. So much
so, in fact, that the effeminate boy had spent the days since then
locked away in his room, toiling over a new, perfect set of clothes
in honor of his newfound abilities. And after several days,
innumerable designs on the scattered sheets of paper littering the
room, and s

Lana’s morning
routine always started with leaving her house at the crack of dawn.
She let out a yawn as she closed the door, fishing rod in one hand
and bucket in the other. Despite Brooklet Hill being a prime fishing
spot in Alola, it was never very populated in the first few hours of
daybreak. Not many were willing to venture out to a comparatively
cold basin by the sea before the tropical sun started heating up the
water. However, that just made things all the better for the area’s

Tyler looked over himself one final time, intently
staring into the slightly dirty bathroom mirror. His makeup bottles
and tools were scattered haphazardly across the countertop as he
examined every inch of his feminine face for imperfections. Not that
he wasn’t already cute when he climbed out of bed in the morning,
but today was a little different; he had to fully sell himself as a
Convention season was one of Tyler’s favorite times of
the year. Not only did he actively read

13 June
Hey guys! Sorry if you came here
for more fashion tips, but today’s post is gonna be a bit
different. Don’t worry, though, cause like, I’ve got something
totally cool planned and I just know you guys are gonna love it! I
think I’ll start with a little story about my day…

So, that buzzkill Yumi tried to
force me to train today! Like, I’m already plenty strong as is!
If that wasn’t bad enough, there was like, the cuuutest little
handbag on a flash sale at the same time

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So, I've recently decided that I should probably start eating food more. Unfortunately for me, that requires money, and that's a commodity a broke uni student doesn't really have. Holding down a real job with a wonky, ever changing schedule is hard enough, so I've decided to open up a commission slot or two to help supplement my life a bit. Details will be primarily in this blog post, so be sure you read it all the way through if you would potentially want to commission me!

Pricing: 10$ USD for every 1k words

Won't do: Furry, ponies, possibly fandoms I don't know/would have to research extensively. There isn't a ton I will outright refuse to do, all details can be talked out when discussing the commission.

Payment: via Paypal, before completion of the story.

As a note, I lead a...
[ Continued ... ]

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