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I make things sometimes. Mainly F/F and M/F same size stuff.

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where am I!?" As the young hero in training arose from his
groggy slumber, his eyes adjusted to the sight of soft midday
sunlight streaming down into the building. Beams of daylight
illuminated a dusty, ill-maintained floor, and the various pieces of
decrepit storage equipment scattered across it. Splintered pallets,
rotting boxes, broken chains, and even decommissioned forklifts all
littered the inside of what had to be an old, forgotten warehouse.
The real question was... w

say that Keegan was out of his depth would be a massive
understatement. The whole building stunk of alcohol, its walls bathed
in dull, multi colored lights that pulsed to the throbbing bass of
whatever generic dance song was filling the young man's ears. He took
a nervous look around the place, seeing crowds of shadowed bodies
gathered not only at what were obviously the bars, but also on barely
lit floors, grinding and moving in ways that straddled the line
between dancing and just straight

left the small fortune telling shop known as Maria's as a destitute
building, the inhabitant and proprietor jiggling on the boy's hips,
and all the money it had on hand now in his pockets... Her pockets,
actually, as Tyler had pilfered an outfit more befitting his size
from the fortune teller, a couple sets of that outfit, in fact. The
curves of his ass were just barely hidden by his new set of clothes,
but it would work for now, at least until he found his next meal. One
Konoko Shirogane,

good, you're making more progress than I thought!" Effie
chuckled with pride, both of her hands wrapped around one of
Forrest's plump, jiggling thighs. Her fingers sunk into the soft
flesh, massaging the underlying muscle beneath the thick, fatty
layers of meals past. The boy's legs really didn't get any
thinner... On the contrary, they were more full and shapely than
ever, thanks to the built up mass underneath his pudge! "Only a
few weeks in and you're already trimmin

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Just a quick blog to commemorate my birthday, which happens to fall right on Valentine's Day! This past year's been kind of a wild ride for me, and I certainly haven't been putting out as much lewd stuff as I like to, but I think I'm in a much better place now than I was last time this year, so that's enough for me~ I hope to be writing and commissioning more in the coming days now that I am, too!

Here's to another year of content~

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Posted by NeonElf 1 month ago

Thanks for the fave!

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Posted by redsquallff8 2 months ago

Tyler is sexy AF

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Posted by TrainKay 3 months ago

Thanks for the fave, my dude.


Posted by SexTheHex 3 months ago

The Forrest series is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for writing it!


Posted by TrainKay 7 months ago

Thanks a bunch for the fave, buddy.


Posted by Suneater 7 months ago

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No problem! Hope to see more of your OC Tyler in the future!


Posted by Suneater 7 months ago

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Forrest's Fat Ass, Gardevore, Sisterly Bonding and a lot more <3


Posted by Suneater 7 months ago

Thanks for the watch! Love the stuff in your gallery <3


Posted by MrBlack 9 months ago

Them femboys tho hnnnn


Posted by TrainKay 11 months ago

Hey hey, thanks for faving and commenting, pal.


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Thanks muchly for the fave, broski.


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Thanks for the fave! :D

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