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Hello. I'm Bru.
I upload just the vore and paw art here. For everything else, look me up as Trowelhands on deviantART. I don't roleplay, I don't take kindly to retarded creepy comments and I'm not open to Commissions right now. I MAY take a trade if your work is of acceptable quality and you don't mind doing your half first. I've been burned before so I'm not taking chances with people anymore.

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I've been playing around with a little and had a few test streams to see both the site's and the broadcasting software's stability on my connection and computer. The latter is getting on in years and needs an upgrade, but that comes later. And I think it might be time to cease use of Livestream and stick to Picarto.

OBS uses far less CPU than Procaster does, which is a Godsend for having it and photoshop open at the same time, because it'd lag enough to slightly annoy me. OBS does not.
While I'll miss things like custom banners and stuff like that, stability is what I need a bit more and I think Picarto has it. Truth be told I should've migrated there months ago.

I hate begging for subs/watches/whatever since I'm not a famous YouTuber who begs...
[ Continued ... ]

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