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Hello! You're looking at the only person in existence who uses PowerPoint to make vore vector art!
Me? Just an 18-year old who likes girls and their bellies and rubbing said bellies and doesn't take much seriously. If you've read anything I've made, you'd know you'd be hard pressed to find a single sentence of mine without finding some kind of Joke™. Jack off to my works.
One of the few things I do take seriously is making my art. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to making my own art like "I've got to make everything I make as good as possible so lots of people can like it" but for other people I have low standards. Also my biggest love goes to pure non fatal endosoma :3

I'm currently working on a few requests, but once they're done I'm gonna take a big hiatus so I can get my life together before hopefully being able to continue making content.
DiscordTag: M.P.Enigmar#7074 Go ahead and add me if you'd like to talk. I hope I won't annoy you at all.
Also can no one think of any excuse for a magician to eat someone around here other than "It's a magic trick!"

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I have one art request left, but I wanna take a little break and just stick to some typing for now. Once I get the stories done, I'll make that last art, then I'll make my finale piece before I ditch Powerpoint and learn to draw for real and then someday I can come back and take sketch requests or god forbid, commissions. I may upload a few things from time to time, (The biggest things being that two of the three story requests could count as underage and the ban may not last forever) but don't expect them to come often. Heck, my stuff already doesn't come often...
Also my birthday's on the 5th of January so I'm turning 19 soon.

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Posted by brandon14 15 hours ago

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No prob. uwu


Posted by Husachi 1 day ago

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You're welcome :) Your work is really good!


Posted by Extermina 1 day ago

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No problem! :)


Posted by VoreStories 5 days ago

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You're welcome.

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Posted by smog1 10 days ago

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Your welcome ^^


Posted by SkyTheDragones 10 days ago

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No problem sweetie (^. .^)


Posted by moonlightshy 10 days ago

keep being awesome <3


Posted by lolwin2 10 days ago

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You are very welcome :D


Posted by Eurodex 10 days ago

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You are most welcome. ^_^


Posted by GeneticMess 2 weeks ago

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No problem! AA stuff is far and few between, plus I really like your style.


Posted by chimesoap 3 weeks ago

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Oh my gosh thank you so much!! It means so much to me <3


Posted by boomerangfish 3 weeks ago

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You have really great work, it was the least I could do!

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