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Hello! You're looking at the only person in existence who uses PowerPoint to make vore vector art!
Me? Just an 18-year old girl who likes other girls and their bellies and rubbing said bellies and doesn't take much seriously. One of the few things I do take seriously is making my art. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to making my own art like "I've got to make everything I make as good as possible so lots of people can like it" but for other people I have low standards. Also I'm a big fan of Non-Fatal!
I'm currently working on a few requests, but once they're done I'm gonna take a big hiatus so I can get my life together before hopefully being able to continue making content.
DiscordTag: TruciiGram#7074
Also can no one think of any excuse for a magician to eat someone around here other than "It's a magic trick!"

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...have random shower thoughts of good premises for art/stories featuring types of vore they don't like?

For example, keep UB as far away as you can from me, but I had a thought about Trucy Wright fitting an entire person inside her Magic Panties and then... Well, you know. If anyone wants to use that idea they can.

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Posted by Karsap 9 days ago

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You're welcome!


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 13 days ago

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Posted by TaciturnTiger 2 weeks ago

Many thanks for watching me! :3c


Posted by YamiTakashi 2 weeks ago

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np darling ^^

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Posted by NightmareIX 2 weeks ago

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No problem! keep up the great work.

The K

Posted by The K 2 weeks ago

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My pleasure.


Posted by Super57s 2 weeks ago

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You are certainly welcome!


Posted by rabidPsionic 2 weeks ago

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Posted by MidNightOwlArt 2 weeks ago

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I can’t pass up a drawing of Amy doing vore and NOT fav it lol.
Your welcome.


Posted by 2littlebigcreepers 2 weeks ago

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No problem!


Posted by I0Like0Pie 2 weeks ago

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No problem at all, very descriptive and well made.

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