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Hello! You're looking at the only person in existence who uses PowerPoint to make vore vector art! Call me Milly.
Me? Just an 19-year old girl who likes other girls and their bellies and rubbing said bellies and doesn't take much seriously and daxjbfakdjbkd. If you've read anything I've made, you'd know you'd be hard pressed to find a single sentence of mine without finding some kind of Joke™. Jack off to my works.
One of the few things I do take seriously is making my art look really good. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to making my own art like "I've got to make everything I make as good as possible so lots of people can like it" but for other people I have low standards. Also I'm one of those few people who doesn't really care much for digestion... I only like it under very specific, difficult to explain circumstances. My biggest love goes to pure non fatal endosoma :3 And keep UB, CV, and Scat away from me at all costs pls

I'm currently working on a few requests, but once they're done I'm gonna take a big hiatus so I can get my life together before hopefully being able to continue making content.
DiscordTag: Milly B. Jones#7074 Go ahead and add me if you'd like to talk. I hope I won't annoy you at all.
Also can no one think of any excuse for a magician to eat someone around here other than "It's a magic trick!"

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Work can resume now and I'm reuploading all my stuff there. (Except for Ta-Da! or even the Non-Vore version because of a stupid mistake I made with it that would put my identity on the line if I put it there)
I've already put up a new, massively improved version of my first story that's way less confusing and more polished there! If people ask me to, I could replace the version here with it.

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You’re very much welcome! ^w^


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You're welcome! :)


Posted by Absolwednesday 3 weeks ago

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no worries I love your vore of jiro


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np its cool stuf pls more ^^


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yay. <3


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Your welcome TruciiGram


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Aww, Thanks! And no problem, keep of the great work! ^w^


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You're welcome. ^w^


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Np my dude


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