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Hello, I'm Tyst, and thank you for checking out my profile. I'm 28 year old male vore trash and have been since I could remember. I'm not much of an artist but I do enjoy writing, so you will be finding mostly vore stories here.

My tastes are pretty wide and varied when it comes to vore, there's very little I don't like for one reason or another, just so long as things don't get gory. Most of my stories if you care to check them out, usually have a hint of love and/or drama in them. It's easy to write generic vore stories with throw-away characters, but I like to give my characters, environments, and ideas life and backstory rather than just "Omnom gulp... The End". A lot of what I have so far are just ideas that pop into my head, and I feel the need to write them down. I hope you find something of mine you enjoy.

Not everything I upload is flawless. It's easy to miss simple mistakes when you're staring at your own work for hours at a time. So if you see any typos, just let me know and I'll try to fix it. Otherwise thanks for tolerating my mistakes.

If you have questions or would just like to say hello, feel free! Every message and comment means a lot!

If you want to reach me for whatever reason...

Kik: TystKrigare

Skype & Discord: are personal, so request through a PM

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Chapter I

Painful Introductions

My name is… My name is… My name… I don’t even remember my name. Try as I might, day in and day out, reciting what little information I can hold in my head, I always end up losing it. Those damn drugs… The people here, well, calling them peop

Chapter IV

Are We There Yet?

“There, that’s everything.”

“You better be sure about this you little speck, else I’ll eat you again. I don’t care what you are to N’Shaundra.”

“As’Lanna, he’s willing to help us after

Chapter III

A Challenger Approaches

N’Shaundra and I’s relationship only deepened now that she was able to change her size at will… or at least when the herbs and whatever else she used in her concoction were done growing, or shipped to my P.O. box. I never knew how much I craved to be held by a woman like her until she wrapped her arms around

Chapter II

Size Matters

It wasn’t the easiest transition of my life, but I was able to settle in and get comfortable with my new lifestyle after a few months. When N'Shaundra would hunt, I’d get her prey’s belongings if they had any on them. I always felt guilty about the whole thing, but I had to keep telling

Chapter I



of two Stories

“No! Please! Let me go!” I implored at the top of my lungs, writhing with pure dread, staring death in the face. My jaw was clacking violently with fear, my eyes dilated with an adrenaline high.

“And why would I do such a

The Price of Paradise

A Vore story by New

Written by Tyst Krigare


Chapter I

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Yes I'm still around. I'm not gonna bore the 3 people who read this but I'm gonna try and start writing again, barring any unforeseen circumstances... This year didn't start out very well... but I'm trying to recover from a world that doesn't seem to want to cut me any slack for some unknown reason... I have that huge project I still need to upload, but it's on the brink of being finished outside of some editing from my friend/commissioner. Other than that, I have numerous projects I need to attend to...

Atm I'm trying to start with getting around to finishing ALT, but it's best my waning creativity goes wherever it takes me... Might work on ALT, might work on remaking Redacted, might work on a Vore.exe sequel... maybe something new? Idk. just giving people a heads up. I get a...
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Thanks, watch, etc.


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Thank you for the watch~!!x3

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Posted by Miridium 2 years ago Report

Hey there! Come back soon!


Posted by TystKrigare 3 years ago Report

I wanted to thank everyone for their support while I was writing my story, as well as the nice comments and the surprising amount of views it got. I also wanted to thank everyone who followed me and those who favorited my work. I just didn't want to be annoying and thank everyone individually ^^;

anyways, writing takes up a lot of my time, so it may be a little while before I write anything else, if anyone wanted to see other things written by me that is. I'm also unsure as to what I'd wanna write next... I have a ton of ideas but not everything makes a good story.

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