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I am a general artist though I specialized once in vore.

I like changelings and ponies, wasps and bees, lizards, and alien creatures.

My work is on the Do-Not-Post list on e621. People can't be bothered to tag and source things correctly there.
I do not do roleplay.

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I'm closing my commissions queue since it's way overfilled and I have a lot to work on. Money is nice, but I can't be making promises I can't keep / overwork myself over, y'know?

I will reopen after I work through my current queue and spend some time on a few personal pieces.

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Posted by Rothar 6 years ago Report

Glad to see you aren't dead.

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Posted by SeaDragonST 7 years ago Report

tbh i think your art is amezing and your an amazing artist.


Posted by LittleDragonTAZ 7 years ago Report

More wasp~


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 7 years ago Report

Can i haz hon- wait no ir a wasp, nvm XD


Posted by ChangelingWil 7 years ago Report

Man, it sucks that people are giving you grief over your art. Don't let 'em get you down, your art is nice. I don't always agree with the content, but that's no reason to rant or dislike the art itself. Keep up the good work, and good luck with all your school stuff!


Posted by Renael 8 years ago Report

Your wasp is so cute omfg.

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Posted by jonathan123 8 years ago Report

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Posted by jonathan123 8 years ago Report

Hey love ur art


Posted by DireZyre 8 years ago Report

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Thanks so much ^.-.^!~


Posted by DireZyre 8 years ago Report

I'd love to see a pic of a breeding changeling character being spit-roasted then gulped down by both from each end, they get to the middle and one claims both as a meal ;3?~


Posted by Trexthepony 8 years ago Report

A adorable wasp who gets a hug as the red pony said tiredly "good night"

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