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I'm thinking of using a new character in vore-ish situations, but I'm unsure how to go about it/wasn't sure if it's something that's been done before by someone of whom I could possibly exchange ideas with? Basically, I made this character that's pretty much her own galaxy. She becomes more transparent the larger she is, and is made of various types of matter, but mostly has a jelly-like makeup and is full of energy. She has her own planets (5 of them) that reside within her hair, the medium-sized one being about the size of... I'm thinking Neptune?... her galaxy is old, but small, and there is no sun, only stars and moons and her own energy providing enough light and heat for life to exist on her planets. OF COURSE this all sounds completely ridiculous and is just a concept thus far, but...
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Posted by Deviant123 3 years ago

Your art is absolutely amazing!


Posted by EeveeBelly 3 years ago

Your plush vore art is amazing. You seriously gave me a new fetish, I never liked plushies ever before until I saw your art! <3


Posted by CakeInferno 3 years ago

Aloha Vera! Thanks for stopping by! Have a watch as well! <:

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Posted by BASHKO 4 years ago

<< Reply To Vera

ahh you found me! Or didnt I add you a ways back? <3


Posted by Lucky 4 years ago

How have I not been watching you here!?

Your art is totally amazing and your themes are quite unique! So great to see you on Eka's. : 3


Posted by BIGBIG 4 years ago

amazing work !!! :)


Posted by batteryoperated 4 years ago

You did it. You found me <3


Posted by Darius1972 5 years ago

Wow, your art is amazing!!!!

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Posted by HungrySuccubus 5 years ago

Wow, your style is phenomenal! So glad I found you!

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Posted by ButtPlug 6 years ago

How do I NOT have you as a watched artist?!

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Posted by deleteduser301 7 years ago

Nice work ^^

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 7 years ago

How have I not sen your stuff before?! You are FREAKING amazing!

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