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Posted by alexott2121 6 years ago Report

Did anyone save that Lust comic


Posted by EbonyRose 6 years ago Report

Farewell Vitori you and your work will be missed


Posted by greyfeather 6 years ago Report

Looks like that's the end for good ol' Vitori.


Posted by whatwhaat 6 years ago Report

Sad to see you go, we'll remember you :D


Posted by supersaiyango 7 years ago Report

Your unbirth stuff is quite nice. I wish it could happen to me in real life


Posted by rugli 7 years ago Report

How is your comic going I havent seen any updates for long time.


Posted by Debolte 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vitori

Thanks !
And you're very welcome ! I don't know how I didn't come across your work uptill now. I most certainly love it. While I'm not that much fond of the sketchy, rough and crude looking of your ladies' faces (Note that your latest work have improved a ton on that (they now look more cute than just plain dirty pleasure-hungry (that's ofc just my tastes speaking here))), yeah, while I'm not fond of that, I must say seeing your whole workset has inspired me to draw much more wild vore scenes. Seeing a lady casually (read, kinda boringly) gulp down a prey is still pretty, of course, but seeing her "powers" literally overwhelm her powerless victim is much better to me. Y'know, showing how terrifyingly powerful a given hungry cutey is is much more appealing and impressive in the act of it, than in the "facts" of it (like a "she managed to eat all of that" result picture, for instance). I mean, thanks for showing me how it's done :D I definitely dig that way of going and want to improve my sequences on that point. :)
That said, keep up the kewl work ! ^^


Posted by Metalforever 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vitori

You're welcome :3

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Posted by BIGBIG 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vitori

actualy i faved what was preaty hot to me xP but in whole i realy like the comic haha


Posted by Rac0r 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vitori

Right back at ya. Really enjoying your comic so far!! ^-^


Posted by Rac0r 8 years ago Report

<< Reply To Vitori

heh, well better late than never xD


Posted by Rac0r 8 years ago Report

Hey! THX for the Watch! Love your work! ^-^

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