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Knock knock knock! Sunny’s shoulders tensed up at the rhythmic sound, casting his gaze down the dreaded staircase to where he could hear someone faintly calling his name at the front door. Every bone in his body wanted to just return to his room, spend the day sleeping and forgetting about the outside world. But his feet reluctantly carried him forward, down the steps and across the living room, slowly opening the door as he recognized Kel’s voice.
Oh. Sunny blinked, starin

Hero and Mari had spent a long time arranging this sleep-over, a few weeks! So that was...a little while at least. Hero had navigated the web of permissions needed from Mari's dad to spend the night, and Mari had managed to convince his mom they wouldn't do anything. It had seemed like they were going to end up alone in a bedroom, Sunny was going to go off to a summer camp with Kel, Aubrey's dad wouldn't let her come, and Basil was supposed to be occupied. Perfect excuses for no one else com

The ceiling rumbled and the crowd’s eyes shifted in unison as an unmistakable spaceship crashed in through the rafters and descended to the ground. “Oh, wow! It’s Captain Spaceboy!” Kel said excitedly, immediately distracted from the situation at hand with Sweetheart as she lamented her defeat. “I never thought we’d see him again!”
“What is he doing here?” Hero said, bewildered as the doors opened and the handsome alien pirate emerged, gazing intently across t

Sunny sits by the window, watching the rain patter against the glass panes. He smiles, imagining the others out playing in the downpour. He’s sure they’re still finding a way to have fun, but it definitely makes him glad he and Hero chose to hang back and stay inside.
He turns his attention back to the card game he and his friend are engaged in, his lips twitching into a small, triumphant smile atypical of the shy boy as he lays down a winning hand. “I win again,” he te

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