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Just another lover of vore, who has big hopes for his future and place in reality.

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 It was Halloween night, and two young adults were walking down the dirt road that led to their friend Dave's home. Dave lived deep in the woods, but had texted them to come over so he could show them his costume before they went to their friend Amy's house for a party. "So Gary, how good do you think this 'kick-ass werewolf costume' really is?" Sherry Rolin asked to her male companion, her eyebrow raised up in skepticism.  She was fair-skinned and a bit tall for a woman, with hon

was winter in Ponyville, Hearth's Warming Eve in fact, and the
snowfall the town pegasi had brought to it over the month gave the
whole town a sparkling coat of white. The park was covered in a thick
layer of it, in which ponies had enjoyed everything from snowball
fights and ice-skating to building snow-ponies and sledding down the
largest snow-piles. As for the houses, they were covered in both
snow, and holiday decorations. From the more typical ones like
lights, wreaths, and figurines, to

the Golden Oaks Library, Spike and Twilight Sparkle sat, staring at
the humongous mountain of candy that lay in the middle of the floor.
much more do you think she's gonna eat Twilight?" Spike said to
Twilight, leaning towards her and whispering.
Pinkie Pie Spike, even Celestia and
Luna probably don't know..." the studious unicorn responded, her
eyes still fixed on the pile of countless different candies, from gum
to chocolate to fruit chews to marshmallow treat

was Nightmare Night in Ponyville, the spookiest time of the year, and
it was late into the night. All the little fillies and colts, dressed
in all sorts of costumes, had all gone around the village, filling
their bags with candy and sweets before being taken home to their
home girls!" Rarity said, as she opened the door and ushered the
Cutie Mark Crusaders inside. The girls made their way in tiredly,
sacks full of treats such as chocolates, mini-cakes, and candy apples

was a warm and pleasant night in Ponyville, with a gentle and
fragrant breeze and a symphony of crickets. Most ponies inside
relaxing or getting ready for bed, with the few that were out
enjoying the evening. One pony of the latter number was an Earth pony
mare with a plum-colored coat, a raspberry mane and tail, and
fandango fuschia eyes, with a cutie-mark of a set of grapes and a
strawberry. This mare's name was Berry Punch, a pony who was widely
known as the town drunk, to which she was li

All done!" Pinkie Pie declared cheerfully as the yellow pegasus
mare beside her added the last touches of frosting to the cake that
sat on the counter in front of them. She and Fluttershy had been
working on it in the kitchen the whole afternoon, and they had
finally finished.
good, I'm...glad Pinkie..." Fluttershy said, not looking at the
mare as she set down the frosting bag.
Pie tilted her head, "Something wrong Fluttershy?" she

wanted to see me Your Majesty?" Starlight Glimmer asked, once
she caught sight of Princess Celestia, who sat in the royal dining
room at the end of the table.
Starlight, sit down," Princess Celestia said, her expression
Starlight responded cautiously, doing so. The lack of information and
Celestia's lack of warmth was making her nervous.
Princess then leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table and
resting her chin

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Hi everybody, hope you all are safe from the escalating virus we're experiencing. I'm going to do my best to do as advised and stay away from group activities and other gatherings, and hope everyone of you can also stay safe from the virus, or at least don't suffer the worst of it.

On less serious news, I've been having a rough week, mostly because I have just been in a crazy funk of not going to bed until very late at night (midnight to 1) and have been cleaning my apartment out and not much else this week as a result, despite desperately wanting to write and do other stuff. I'm hoping now that the cleaning is done that I can break this sudden habit, and at the very least intend to get back to my writing. I managed some writing in a sexy MLP story I'm writing for FiMfiction,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thank you for the watch!


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I hope you're feeling the same <3


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Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's comforting beyond measure to know other people are glum <3

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