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It seemed like a regular Friday night and Malcolm was just sitting on the couch. Tony was in his room with another man doing their thing, but Malcolm was pretty much ignoring them since this was a normal Friday night to Tony. It was past midnight and Malcolm was about to go to bed until the door to Tony’s door opened and Tony came out wearing nothing at all and an uncomfortable look.

“Hey dude, what’s up&rdquo

Things were not going well for Miguel right now. Everything was going fine on his date with a classmate of his, Sophia, having the time of his life. The two then went back to her place where during their little “fun”, he was shrunk down to the size of a mouse.

Sophia played around with his naked body for a while until she got bored and decided to have him as a late-night sn

I woke up early
with the sun shining in my face where I stretched my body and looked to the side of me seeing Neil still sleeping like a baby. I looked around the room and seen that we were still small on his mansion of a bed.

I slowly got up, made my way to the end of the bed, and then slowly grew myself back to normal size. I just hovered over Neil with the sun was pearing its head through the window. He slow

With my small body sitting on the corner of the room, I slowly expanded my body to my giantess form, something I haven’t done in a long time. I grew and grew until my whole body filled almost the whole room. Neil was in between my legs, looking like a doll that I can just easily pick up and play with all night.

At this size, the room was

 It was no nut November and Malcolm was determined all this month to not choke his chicken for the entire month, and so far, he was about to bust right now. The reason why he is doing this is because he made a bet with Jenny that if he did the challenge, then Jenny would do something “special” for him and asked Tony to watch Malcolm to make sure.

The first week went fi

So here I am, stuck in this man’s stomach hanging out with his partly digested breakfast and loving every second of it. I don’t know why but being in a stomach like this is like being in a moist bed. It so warm and comfortable and something about it just...it just turns me on. I can hear Neil pat his stomach and give a little belch at the tasty meal that he just consumed.

“Hmmm...you were so delicious”,

After what seem like the best sleep that I have ever had, I woke up to one of my favorite smells in this whole entire universe...bacon. It made me get up from my covers and look through my cage which Neil have been so gracious to uncover the curtain. I can see him on the other side of the room at the stove cooking some breakfast in nothing but his boxers. This is pretty much a dream come true to me, I mean without the fact that I am locked in a cage. Even so, just seeing his muscular body was ab

Me and Neil just locked eye when he was holding me in the air. I think that he’s weirded out to see a tiny naked girl around in the men’s locker room which I would be if I see a tiny man just watching me shower. The only different is that I would have already swash him without saying a word or smack him against the other side of the wall.

Neil didn’t say nothing but just looked at me around all over like I was

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