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The crowds of people walked by at a
rapid pace. Rafe merely stood at the bus stop. His eyes were
downcast. Someone bumped into him but he didn't react at all. The bus
arrived, squealing to a stop. It took a few seconds for Rafe to
register his surroundings before he stepped onto the bus.
Grabbing a handhold above him, Rafe
sighed as he saw a horse busily munching away on micros. Rafe felt
his nose wrinkle. The bag crinkled with each extension of the horse's
hand into the bag. The micros, salted

Scott never thought he'd fall in love,
let alone with a macro wolf. They began spending all of their time
together. They ate together, slept together, and even bathed
together. Scott would clutch tightly to Rafe's strong fingers as he
was held under the shower water. Rafe would rub his body through
Rafe's black fur, smiling and nuzzling his strong, muscular chest as
they lay in bed together.
Rafe even took Scott outside a few
times. It was a very controlled environment, never going very far.

The scent of alcohol was thick in the
air as the music thumped throughout the club. Furry bodies jumbled
together on the dance floor as they jumped and bounced to the beat.
Makuta watched curiously from the bar, his finger swirling in his
drink. The blue cat had been eying the dancers for a while,
particularly keeping his orange eyes focused on a vixen. She had
beautiful orange and brown fur, and a wonderfully lean figure. She
moved on the dance floor with grace, her body sliding in and out of

The jackal looked disgusting. His fur
was grimy, and it looked like he hadn't had a shower in weeks. He
might not have. The lion grimaced as he realized that in a few
minutes he would be eating the jackal. He hoped his stomach wouldn't
get too upset.
Led into the windowless, gray room, the
jackal was visibly shaken, trembling and weeping as he was sat down
in a chair. Along with the two guards and the lion who's face was
obscured by a hood of black, a priest and another man stood in the
room, th

Scott drifted in and out of
consciousness periodically for the next few days. When he was awake,
he told everything to Rafe. He recounted all of his experiences,
including the curious fact that he had been eaten before, even baked
into a pie, but never dying. Rafe changed his bandages, surprised to
see that his wounds were completely healed. Still weak however, Scott
was pleased that Rafe brought him food, letting him sleep in the
macro wolf's bed. Rafe even took a few days off of work to make s

"You'll spit me out right?"
Devin stood in a pile of haphazardly
discarded clothes, an empty vial on the floor next to him. He was
only an inch tall, and the room was absolutely massive.
"Of course I will. You do trust me
The loud booming voice of Dave, the big
brown bear, shook the room. The tiny fox's tail curled around his leg
as he shrunk back.
"Yeah… It's just-"
"Quit worrying. We'll just pop you
in there for a few seconds, and then I'll spit y

"Pass the ketchup, please."
Scott looked up from his plate at the
giant wolf who reached across the table and grabbed the bottle,
squeezing out the slightest dollop onto Scott's food. Scott thanked
Rafe and then went back to eating.
It had been a few weeks since the
incident with the tiger, and Rafe's demeanor had never once changed.
If anything, the wolf was nicer and more gentle with Scott than ever.
He had even begun to ask Scott whether or not he wanted to have sex
before just jum

They sat in silence at the dinner
table. Scott munched idly on a baby carrot. It was as big as he was,
and he only managed to carve out a little chunk of carrot before he
was full and dropped it to the table. Rafe sat humming as he forked
meat from a pork chop into his mouth, chewing before swallowing.
The newspaper he was holding shuffled
as he went to the next page, scratching at his chin. Scott walked
over to the plate that Rafe was eating off of. Standing at the edge,
he asked, "May I

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