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Welcome, one and all, to the world inside my mind.

I go by many names and take many forms, but feel free to call me "Skai," "Yep," or "Charlotte," depending on your personal preference.

As someone with over a decade of ideas floating around in their head, I'm never quite sure what I'll write next, but I'm always looking for new ways to express myself, and I'm always trying to do things that haven't really been explored on this platform before.

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Posted by ClosetedTiny 2 months ago Report

Eh-oh! Thank you for the watch! I hope I am able to satisfy your itch for writing!

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Posted by Dasutinesu 3 months ago Report

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'Your biggest fantasy' has been my main drive for the watch, though I do also enjoy many of your previously written stories~ I do some rp myself and the way you write your stories just make the reader feel included in multiple lovely ways~


Posted by Fateweaver 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

Hey, no worries! I was apprehensive about the 4th wall and meta stuff initially but the tongue-in-cheek style you wrote in definitely won me over! For sure I'm waiting with bated breath for part 2!


Posted by AgonyRed 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

That’s how the get ya, all right ????


Posted by RoyalRoseBeam 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

My pleasure! I think I first encountered your work before I had an account, and really enjoyed what writing you had at the time, so this watch has been a long time coming... Thankfully I stumbled across your page again! Looking forward to catching up! (^▽^)


Posted by Jakester443 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

You're welcome! Yours has been some of the most original writing I've seen on here in a while. Genuinely motivational. Take care!


Posted by KraGo 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

No prob, you're a good writer! I like how you mess with perspective in some of your art and twist the idea of first person around, it's fun.

I did figure that out eventually, after a lot of confused searching around the site. Thanks for the help. I might post my stuff here someday, but I haven't gotten around to it.


Posted by KinoTheCat 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

Hahaha, yeah I know the feeling of procrastination. xD My pm's are always open as well if you want to continue chatting later and such. xD Hopefully the assignment you're working on isn't too much of a struggle that you can get it done.


Posted by KinoTheCat 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

If you ever decide to jump into learning art, I've a few resources I can give you to help with some of the basics. Art is *hard* to learn, so it just takes a lot of patience and effort to get better at; just like with writing after all. xD

That'd be a fun idea, one of the monologues weaving into art and spilling out through the panels and lines since, well, the monologues seem to inherently be 4th wall breakers. xD Stretching and pushing the bounderies of mediums is incredibly fun and you've got a real good handle on it so far. ^^

And yeah, life comes first but I understand delving so much into your work that you enjoy making it so much that.. well, everything slips to the background. xD


Posted by KinoTheCat 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

Yeah, I won't lie, I used to put off trying to do art due to a lack of confidence, and after hitting the wall with art and variuos other issues, I just sat myself down adn said "Just do it." Sometimes it takes kicking yourself in the ass to move forward.

The greatest thing of learning multiple mediums is that you can use all your skills together, and if you decide to delve into art and hone that into a skill, you can delve deeper into making comics and visual stories~ Or do snapshots for the stories you write too~ There's a lot you can do with the skills you hone after all.

Your writing is very good, and I won't lie, I adore fourth wall breaking so that's part of what drew me in to read your stuff. I can tell you put a lot of effort into what you make so keep it up and remember to take care of yourself while you do it~


Posted by KinoTheCat 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To YepMcNope

Not a problem~ I enjoyed the No revisions one the most, simply because of how amusing it is to see someone's ramblings go on without allowing revisions or adjustments. xD Plus its always good to give old character's you love attention. ^^

I haven't done much writing lately due to just hitting a major wall with it lately, but I hope you enjoy what you see if you check things out. ^^

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