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Hi, I’m Zelda! I’m a massive slut, a switch, and into some very very gross things <3

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Luna was really looking forward to her date tonight. She was always a hit with cute girls, but she had scored big with the bimbo she got the number of yesterday. As she leaned against the railing by the front door of the girl she was picking up, she smiled to herself and knew it must’ve been her outfit that made the cutie cave. At the time she had been wearing a leather jacket around her torn-up crop top, with an equally slutty red and black plaid skirt complimenting it. Given she was a cu

Sasha stood at the doors to the main center for Flush, a smaller building on the East end of her city, eager to enter. A few days prior she had been approached by a unique girl on the street. Well, approached wasn’t quite the right word. It was more accurate to say the girl had walked up and started sucking the


musky cock without a word. Sasha was a rather adorable horse girl, having a large curvy body, i

Jubei was having one of the worst conversations of his life. Seemingly out of nowhere, he had been approached by a large wolf woman, who had light orange fur speckled with reds and yellows, having the appearance of a living fire. The woman had pushed her way up to Jubei, wasting no time in getting to her point, running her hands along the curvy cat’s body and trying to get under his skin.

“Hello, littl

Rexy stood out in the wasteland, rifle in hand, trudging West into the slowly setting sun. She’d been told by some inhabitants of a nearby city that there was a farm out in this direction, one that she might be able to set up a trade deal with and get more food supplied to the city. With food becoming increasingly high in demand and low in supply with the scarcity of decent land to grow it on, Rexy knew she needed to get this done to have any hope of keeping the small city alive and functi

Fang was really looking forward to the spa day she had marked on her calendar for today. The wolf girl rolled out of bed first thing and checked the group chat to make sure it was still on. The whole thing was her friend Catty’s idea, who set up a chat for a group of their friends and suggested they all go out sometime soon. The playful cat had also invited Renee, a light grey bat anthro, Serenity, a demure wolf/deer hybrid, and Carma, a busty white and grey cabbit. All five of them were v

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Just a reminder that commissions are still open, check out my Commission Status tab for more info!~ In unrelated news, I'm very excited to announce that I've reached 69k views across my stories~ Nice~

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Hey just wanted to say I really love your stuff! You get into a lot more weird creative stuff!


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I like the way you describe digestion and disposal


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No problem. If you need ideas, I'm full of them.


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<< Reply To Zelda0060

Likewise mate, your content is just the kind of messed up that I'm into :D


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Thank you for the watch!

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