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While cruising around on the internet I came across a Buzzfeed article about vore. I was like, oh, a muggle website found vore, I wonder what they think of it. I clicked on the article and started reading. As I read, I got more and more frustrated because it was obvious the writer did a very basic search for what vore was, basically regurgitating wikipedia, and then closed out the article by describing a real life incidence of vore where some police officer somewhere was discovered hatching a plot to kill and eat somebody.

Then today I'm on GiantessCity and I see a post labeled as vore. So of course I click on it. The OP gives a link to a story about a supposed old woman who killed and ate 14 people. The OP asks something to the effect of, "Do you vore lovers get off on this?"...
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Posted by Krauser 8 years ago

I haven't seen anything from you in a while. Did you die?


Posted by voriator212 9 years ago

hey-ey, slave. you wouldn't happen to wanna tell me where you post your manips? i'm a huge fan of it


Posted by Zombie_Slave 9 years ago

Check out my story thread at:

only one posted so far, hopefully more soon


Posted by ChrisXPZ 9 years ago

Could you by chance give a link to your stories? I can't find em :'(


Posted by SeruOmen 9 years ago

That story you wrote rocks. Hope to see more.^^

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