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Ello again ya sexy, sexy stalkers. Guess ya found me. ʅ( ‾⊖◝)ʃ

Cheers for wandering onto this page where I post my unhealthy obsession with a puppet from a DeepTube video. Not the weirdest thing on this site so I’ll give it that...

Expect Dongs, BoiBods and Tums. Lots of em ✩°。⋆⸜(ू˙꒳​˙ )

There will be no grill art here so SHOO, go take your boners somewhere else ya picky fucks

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adapt03's Blog - Ksjsjsjs Posted 7 months ago

Q: Hey! I’ve seen you before! What gives?
A: that’s not really a question, but I made another account for lewds :uuu

Q: Jesus man, how many accounts are you up to now?
A: 6-7, boss. Not including bait accounts

Q: why don’t you just keep your art on one page instead of spamming the accounts??
A: I like to keep my subjects separated. Its easier to keep organised

Q: Well...sure, but are you going to abandon this account too??
A: I’ll try not to but I have a habit of locking myself out of my own accounts due to passwords :u

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Posted by adapt03 7 months ago Report

I don’t read DMs either sorry gamer you’re gonna have to comment here to get my attention


Posted by adapt03 7 months ago Report

If you’re under 18 I will mace you if you come anywhere near me

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