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“Ugh, how much longer
is it going to take to hack into that fucking thing?” Lilith said
getting annoyed. “Would ya'll shut up already? Hacking into the
new-u station isn't exactly the easiest damn thing with all these
encryptions, and you acting crazier than a hooker in church isn't
making it any easier.” Ellie said snapping back. “Alright,
Lilith, calm down. Just inhale deeply and relax. Pissing her off
isn't going to make this any faster. Plus, if she ends up getting
locked out of t

It was a late night,
Fiona was home alone. Shrek and Donkey were out doing who knows what
and weren't expected to return for days. Fiona was just relaxing on
the sofa watching tv when she began to feel hungry. She got up and
headed to the fridge. “Great, it's empty. Nothing to eat and I'm
starving!” Fiona growled as she put her right hand over her
growling stomach. “What am I suppose to do now?” She sighed, just
then the doorbell rang. “At this hour? Who could it be?” She

(Tsunade's view)
"Rukia and Misty I want you to be watching our back. If you see the giant coming let us know and also let us know how close she is. Did you get that?" Tsunade said. "Yes ma'am." Rukia and Misty said bowing. "Ino and Orihime you two I want to be in the middle of the group, if any of us get injured and saved we'll need you two to try and heal them." They said as they both bowed. "Tea, Hinata and Tenten you girls will be our side of the group. If any fall it's your decision if we h

"Lady Tsunade!
Lady Tsunade! Wake up! Lady Tsunade wake up!" Sakura yelled as
she began shaking her. "Huh, what happened? Asked Tsunade as she
rubbed her eyes "I don't know how, but we've somehow shrank down
and are now only two and half inches tall. We've been under attack by
some lady. I've found a few people who have also seem to be tiny like
ourselves. Also, we're currently located on the rug of what we assume
is this girl's living room." Sakura said. "Very well

“Ah, now with Koga defeated that means I only need three more badges.” Ash said as him and his friends were walking to Saffron City.” I'm going to become the best pokemon trainer ever, and earn tons of money.” Ash said. “Yeah is that when I get the money for my bike you ruined?” Misty asked. “Are you ever going to forget about that Misty” Ash said rolling his eyes. “No never!” Misty yelled at Ash.

“Uh hey you two stop yellin

Samus walks over to her arm cannon that broke off during her fight with Peach, and called her space ship. ``Zelda, here I come'' she said looking up as her ship arrived. She smirked and jumped into her ship with her breasts also bouncing up and down as she jumped. She then started to enter the coordinates of Zelda's castle.''Don't worry Peach you won't be alone for long.'' Samus said putting her ship on auto pilot then going into the back of her ship to put on another zero suit, which still fit

Youre not bad.Samus told Peach.Thanks youre not bad yourself Peach told Samus.Your stronger then I thought. I think theres only one way I could beat you.Samus said smiling. She grabbed her zero suit and tore it off.Wha what are you doing?Peach asked getting scared.Youll see Samus said pulling out her grapple gun. She threw her grapple gun at Peach wrapping it around her.Now come here.Samus said pulling on her grapple gun to bring Peach to her. Peach started to struggle and trying

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I cannot believe it has been four years since I uploaded it and I never bothered to finish it. So, I'm not sure exactly when it will be released, but today I am going to reread my story (along with improving the grammar) and then when I get the time I'll begin writing the rest of it.

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