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Hey! The name's Saninaka!
Currently working on the world inside my demon naga gal Saninaka (aka Nina).
More info on my DA:

Discord for Saninaka:

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Hey guys! I'm finally starting work on a new comic, and it'll star one of my favorite characters Mabel! Its just gonna be a lewd comic for now, but hopefully I'll do something more with her in the future. Anyways it'll be something similar to the YCH pics I finished, of her just indulging in lewd things and having a good time. The comic will feature cock vore, along with oral vore, and maybe a few other types if they fit in. For this comic, I'll need some prey characters for Mabel to vore in various ways, and I'd rather not make up generic looking ones. So I'm offering any of my patrons of all tiers the chance to submit their OCs for this comic.

So if you're interested, pledge just 1$ to my Patreon today for the chance for your OC to be included in this comic. Hopefully I'll...
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Posted by ThatWizardGuy 7 months ago Report

I love the stomach world concept you have for your character, I hope you don't mind if I was inspired to do the same for my OC


Posted by happysorb 9 months ago Report

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I'm not saying they're not fine, just that they'll die inside her one day just because they'll never leave.


Posted by happysorb 9 months ago Report

It's refreshing to see such a prolific gallery that, as far as I can tell, has absolutely no fatal vore.


Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 9 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch mysterious stranger. :p


Posted by Vivixian 1 year ago Report

Hey, I remember following you on Tumblr! I'm glad I found you again. Your world ideas were very cool

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Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 1 year ago Report

Howdy Pardner! Love the art you're producing! Take my watch and keep up the fantastic work!


Posted by WolfieBoy 3 years ago Report

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^w^ It's awesome~ I can't wait to see more~


Posted by WolfieBoy 3 years ago Report

Awesome idea!~ I never seen anything like this before!


Posted by Aziza 4 years ago Report

Ooh, I absolutely love your concept of having a large world inside a stomach, and that's coming from someone who mainly strays away from endo! Keep up the great work!


Posted by SeekGr 4 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!!x3

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Posted by Vulgun 4 years ago Report

Hello there!


Posted by Oniric 4 years ago Report

I hope this comment doesn't come off as weird or creepy, it certainly isn't my intention. My interest in vore is mostly as a fetish, so I'm mainly interested in M/M content (I'm a gay man) that's very sexual in nature. It's the kind of vore content that I create, too, being a writer.

But you Snake Girl concept is just too cool! Even if it's not what I usually look for regarding vore content, the worldbuilding you're doing is just so fun and adorable! It reminds me of certain fantasies I had when I was a kid, before I even knew what a fetish was (it was a big friendly dragon for me instead of a cute snake girl :P), but far more detailed.

Congrats on your work, I love it! I look forward to seeing what else you create!

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